A clue-line verse is basically a riddle where each line of the poem supplies a clue about the keyword that provides the underlying theme. The clue is usually a preponderance of letters, obvious alliteration, or a repeated pattern within the line. Rhymed couplets of unspecified meter provide the form of the verse. A dummy line without a clue may be used to complete the last couplet if needed.

Clue-Line: Solution

Remember to read each couplet that's there,
Inspecting all lines with infinite care.
Don't desist, for due diligence demands
Dedication, and so "Delve deep!" commands.
Like any play, in this game it helps to be
Eager, alert, resourceful, and carefree!

Assorted Clue-Lines

Do Right, Fear No One

Terse terms in Latin attempt to relay,
Through "Fac rectē et nēminem timē,"
Matters of morals and might to maintain,
Courage to others from fear to abstain.
Those who emblazon those words on their souls
Shall surely succeed in striving for goals.

Clue-Line: Creation

Rhyme and rhythm are required, though really not very much.
It's the keyword that's important, as is your skillful touch.
Describe, then, the keyword well; decorate it so, or define.
Discov'ring it should mean, delving deep in every line.
Lovely lines will offer letters in more ways than just one;
Either choose the one very frequent, or simply the first one!
                       -- Bhaswar Dasgupta

Durga Puja

Pedestrians parade from place to place,
And aids like maps assist them as they pace.
At each locale awaits a novel sight...
Delighted Durga dwells in peace each night.
Lavish lodgings are lovingly crafted;
Novel innovations need to be drafted.
Searching for sources of suitable stuff,
Holiday revelers can't get enough.

A Timely Riddle

Each and every day of the week,
Time's tempo ticks its steadfast beat.
Sultry summer days seem so long;
Cicadas sing sonorous song...
Our longer days, our shorter hours
Of sleep decline like failing flowers.
In icy winter it's so nice...
Cups of cocoa is cold advice.

A Sight to Behold

A vision of victory, on heaven engraved !
I see the inspiring picture I craved.
Beauty so breathtaking, beauty so bright,
Grandeur of nature that glorifies sight.
"Look at the cloudy sky! You see it yet?"
"Oh no! It's gone now. The sun too has set."
Should the rainbow promise to rise again,
I will, with all my heart, welcome the rain.
                       -- Bhaswar Dasgupta

Knock! Knock!

Just look up, above the joint of the door ajar, will you?
Unique, double-headed statuette! Do you see it too?
Something tells me that such was the symbol of a deity,
God of gates; of starts, arrivals; an auspice so pretty.
Once a nice Roman god, he is not now much renowned,
A symbol of the past age that today is hardly found.
                       -- Bhaswar Dasgupta

Spirits, Shades, and Spectres

Mention the mundus and most Romans pale;
Each one repeats his own bone-chilling tale.
Uttering under his breath unheard oath,
Lifting the lapis to look, he is loath.
Three times per year will the spirits roam free;
Shades seeking solace may sometimes still be.
Vengeance is ever more likely a trait...
Romans are dutiful folks, so they wait.

Spinning a Yarn

In life it's unwise to rival the gods;
Even when you're great, you can't beat the odds.
Arachne's hubris stirred Athena's ire;
Her tapestry portrayed poor Zeus' desire.
The goddess destroyed the damsel's rash deed,
Shamed her to suicide, sparked a new breed.

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