The clogyrnach [clog-ir-nach] is a Welsh quantitative verse form. It contains 32 syllables in a 6-line stanza. The first couplet contains eight syllables in each line; the second, five; the third, three. (The last couplet may be written as a single, 6-syllable line.) The rhyme scheme is aabbba.


A quantitative Welsh verse form,
The clog-ir-nach defines the norm:
Three couplets that rhyme,
Syllables count time,
Rhymes should climb
And conform.

Classical Clogyrnachs

Aelia: A Clogyrnach

Poor Aelia's lost all her teeth!
Two coughing fits ended in grief.
She only had four
Just hours before.
That's the score,
To be brief.

A Saturnalian Clogyrnach

With Saturn's feast days well in hand,
And wagering no longer banned,
Citizens will play
With their dice all day...
Luck may stay,
Wins be grand.

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