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Here is an annotated bibliography for the information on this genealogy site.

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Alcorn, Mississippi County Cemetery Book (1971) Compiled and indexed by Thomas P. Hughes and Jewel B. Standefer; published by Thomas P. Hughes, 4140 Chanwill Avenue, Memphis, TN 38117

Based on the interment records collected by Col. James Borroum in 1954, it lists the birth and death dates of James Cave (1796-1863). Gale Judkins reports that the grave marker could no longer be read as of 1990. The cemetery is now called Forest Hill Cemetery and is used primarily by black families. Originally it was a "white" cemetery known as Tuthill Cemetery and then later as the Bunch Street Colored Cemetery. (A marker provided by the US government [Mexican War] now stands in the cemetery, but the exact location of the original grave has been lost.)

Bandera County History (1986) ISBN 0-88107-058-0 © by Bandera County Historical Society; published by Curtis Media Corporation, Dallas, TX

A section (p. 353) under the heading "Evans, Rufus Flax" (F176) gives detailed information about Johnnie Pettie (sic) Robison Evans, a paternal great grandmother.

Blanco County Heritage (1987) ISBN 0-88107-102-1 © by Blanco County News; published by Curtis Media Corporation, Dallas, TX

A section on ...

Blanco County History (1979) ISBN 0-89105-219-5 by John Stribling Moursund; published by Nortex Press, Burnet, TX

A section (p. 471) under the name "Robison, John" gives details about the inhabitants in the County of Blanco, State of Texas in the1880 US Census for Precinct No. 1 Blanco City Schedule 1. A second household (p. 472) is listed under the name "Robison, Mrs. E."

Blanco County Families for 100 Years (1981 revised edition) ISBN 0-89015-248-9 by John Stribling Morsund; published by Eakin Press, Austin, TX

A section under the heading "Robison, J. M." (p. 361) gives details of Blanco County tax assessment roll; a section under the heading "Robison, Neill" (p. 362) gives an account of his early years and family life with details of children.

100 Years in Bandera 1853-1953 (1953) by J. Marvin Hunter; published by J. Marvin Hunter, Kerrville, TX

A section ....

The Boy Captives (reprinted 1965) by J. Marvin Hunter; published by J. Marvin Hunter, Kerrville, TX

An account of the capture of Clinton Lafayette Smith and his brother Jefferson Davis Smith by Indians gives details about the Smith and Cravey families, including Nancy Lee V. Smith [Cravey] (pp. 10, 22), my maternal grandmother.

History of the DeGraffenried Family from 1191 A.D. to 1925 (1925) by Thomas P. DeGraffenried; published by The Vail-Ballou Press, Binghamton and New York, NY

[An on-line version of the book can be found here.]

A genealogy of the DeGraffenried family traces my lineage from its origins in Switzerland through Lula Hannah DeGraffenried [Cave] (p. 160), my maternal grandmother.

The Craveys (19__) by Mrs. Howard (Gladys) Graves; published by ..., Bandera, TX

A genealogy of the Cravey family traces my lineage from its arrival in the US from Ireland to the branch that settled in Texas through Clara Cravey [Robison Collins] (p. 58 ), my paternal grandmother.

Owen Cravey of Bertie District, North Carolina and His Descendants 1720-1988 (1991) by John C. Head; published by J&W Enterprises, Shreveport, LA

A genealogy of the Cravey family descended from Owen Cravey traces my lineage through Clara Cravey and her marriage to Chester Robison (p. 400), my paternal grandparents.

Civil War Corinth 1861-1865 (1989) by Margaret Greene Rogers; printed by The Rankin Printery, Corinth, MS

This layman's account of the Civil War years in Corinth was written by the former curator of the Corinth museum. She recounted the tale of James Cave being killed by a Union soldier at the gate to his daughter's property. She put me in touch with Bill Suggs and Mary Jane Hamm, descendants of Elizabeth Jane Cave Bradley, sister of Sarah Ellen Cave Carter.

Marriage Records of Smith County, TX 1846-1899 (1979) published by the East Texas Genealogical Society, Tyler, TX. (page 28)

This reference lists the marriage of James M. Cave and S.M. Wiley on July 25, 1878, as being recorded in Marriage Book H, page 379. It also lists various other Wiley marriages: Thomas J., Minnie, and Missouri.

 The Kuykendall Family by George Benson Kuykendall; (1919) published by Kilham Stationery and Printing Company, Portland, Oregon.

This on-line book contains the genealogy and history of the Kuykendall family of Dutch New York.

Carolina Scots by Douglas F. Kelly and Caroline Switzer Kelly; (1987) published by 1739 Publications, Dillon, SC

This book is an historical and genealogical study of over 100 years of emigration.
It is the story of the Highland Scots who emigrated to the Carolinas in the Cape Fear region.

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