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I read Daniel Quinn's novel Ishmael in July, 1998. I don't know why I didn't hear about it before then.
If you are interested in biology, you MUST read this book. It will affect you strongly...
Then check out the website related to it and to other works by this same author.

Having taught high school biology for thirty years, I have developed various types of instructional materials that I would like to share with teachers who might be interested in them. For example, I envision the HyperStudio® stacks listed below being used as on-line tutors. I'm not sure if they can be used in their present form, but they are available for previewing the content. I think that you will find the exercises in each tutorial stack to be both different and interesting. tarantula

At present, only two complete tutorial stacks are on-line: Mitosis and Cell Transport. The other stacks consist of only portions of the tutors, for example, the exercises part or perhaps an animation sequence. At any rate, you will need a HyperStudio plug-in for your browser to view them.

Get the appropriate HyperStudio® plug-in.

WARNING: The stacks take from 2-5 minutes to load; please be patient ... future updates will include file sizes.

Biology Tutorial Stacks
Nucleic Acids Mitosis Meiosis Cell Transport Ecology

Would you like to give me feedback about the tutorial stacks or ask about other materials?

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