Pictures from Athens

The plaster is still drying on some of these frescoes.
If you are in a hurry, you should probably move along. On the other hand, the scenes might be worth the wait.

Acropolis Acropolis and Parthenon seen from the Temple of Hephaestus across the agora

Temple of Hephaestus Temple of Haephestus seen from the agora

Temple of Hephaestus Temple of Hephaestus seen from the stoa of Attalos

Odeon of Herodes Atticos Odeon of Herodes Atticos seen from the Acropolis

Parthenon Parthenon, the first building completed under Pericles's plan

Erectheum The Erectheum and its Caryatids

Poseidon Bronze statue of Poseidon at the National Archaeological Museum

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