Ae Freslighe

The ae freslighe, pronounced "ay fresh lee," is an Irish verse form. Each stanza is a quatrain of seven syllables per line. Lines one and three rhyme with a three-syllable rhyme, and lines two and four use a two-syllable rhyme: abab. Irish poetry is cyclic, so the last line should end with the first syllable word or the complete line with which it began.

Ae Freslighe

line 1. X X X X (X X A)
line 2. X X X X X (X B)
line 3. X X X X (X X A)
line 4. X X X X X (X B)

line 5. X X X X (X X A)
line 6. X X X X X (X B)
line 7. X X X X (X X A)
line 8. X X X X X (X B)

Classical Ae Freslighe

Praise for Bards

Freshly I praise knowingly
Bards whose verses keep alive
Memories, who glowingly
Sing the tales that still survive,

Spin their yarns, and flowingly
Ply their craft very aptly.
Senex now has crowingly
Crafted a new ae freslighe.


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