Wilson Family

This information concerns one generation of the Wilson family.

 • Individuals are listed chronologically, and those in red show my line of descent.
 • Connections of collateral lines to main lines are indicated by linked names.
 • Generations within a family are separated by a series of asterisks.
 • Unknown or unsubstantiated data are marked with blanks or with question marks.

CAVEAT: Apart from census data, this information has not been confirmed entirely by my personal research, and mistakes are likely present, so use at your discretion.

   John Thomas born: (August 1860) in TN
married: Genio Burns (February 8, 1883) in Pleasant Valley, Dallas County, TX
children: Earnest Wyson, Roy Monroe, Susie Elnora [John Homer Goldston], Nettie, Leona Blanche [Jones] [Williams], Thomas Jarrett, Genio Gertrude [Wood], Fannie Sarah [Rector] [Bressie]
died: (1936) in Donley County, TX
buried: Citizens Cemetery, Clarendon, Donley County, TX
census: On the 1900 census, he was with his wife in Greer County, OK; on the 1910 census, he was with his wife in Donley County, TX; on the 1920 census, he was with his wife in Gray County, TX; on the 1930 census, he was with his wife in Donley County, TX


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