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Message: Brilliant DDs, NOT my own
Author: eager - Iphigenia Caecilius
Date: Sep 26, 1998 08:35

First, Senex, why oh why must there be a limit of two?  How about instead, let people post all they want and then at the end of the month submit their two favorites?  I'd hate to dampen anyone's creative spirit with limitations....

For those of you who would like to see the true possibilities, I post for your enjoyment and education a few DDs by the brilliant and lovable Douglass Parker.

...And Still Champ

Dian of Ephesus,
Queen of the strip in the
     Shadier joints,
Pitted her charms against
Goddesses' bodices--
     Won it on points.

(see the multi-titted statue of Dian of Ephesus to fully appreciate)

AKA Messalina

Lusty Valeria,
Finding her princeps'
     Capacity mere,
Knew she could make it as
Proved to all comers an
     Apt volunteer.

Thwarted Affection

Nero Germanicus
Called to his mom as she
     Sailed on the bay,
"Here's a new gas; for some
Fun, press the button--well,
     Anchors aweigh!"

(Nero trying to kill mummy dearest with a collapsable boat.)

Trippingly on the Tongue

Tullius Cicero
Spoke in a speech very
    Polished and neat,
Marked by the care of the
All of his clausulae
     Close with clean feet.

Some fine examples by the talented Doug Parker.  Inspiration for budding DD poets. 

Let the games begin!  And remember, Senex didn't put any restriction on posting in the month of September!!

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