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Message: Phallocentric today?
Author: The one and only, - Priapus Manlius
Date: Sep 18, 1998 16:47

Okay, Senex. Here's my witty rejoinder to your post:

Senex Caecilius,
so supercilious,
Thought he could shorten my
Middle one day.

Gods ithyphallic are
Sometimes quite bilious,
And get offended when
Wrongly you pray.

Senex, you can't ignore
Just what this scythe is for;
I shorten middles, too,
In my own way.

So, old Caecilius,
Be more punctilious
When you address the gods;
Watch what you say.

(okay, maybe not so witty, but I tried. The scythe, of course, is one of Priapus' other instruments. And, of course, this DD could be considered a loose translation from the Priapea:
E longo Priapum qui me fecere Priapo
Efficiam, media sint quoque parte breves.

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