In Roman mythology, Proserpina, whom the Greeks called Persephone, was the daughter of Jupiter and Ceres. As the Queen of the Underworld, she was also known as Juno Inferna, Averna, and Stygia. The Erinnyes, or Furies, are said to have been her daughters by Pluto. The story of her abduction, the search for her, and the ploy with the pomegranate seeds is related here. In the autumn, Ceres changes the leaves to shades of brown and orange as a gift to Proserpina before she has to return to the underworld. During the time that Proserpina resides with Pluto, the world goes through winter, and the earth is barren.

AKA Juno Inferna

Poor Proserpina was
Dragged down to Hades by
Pluto one day;
Queen of the Shades, she is
Forced to abide there till
Spring ends her stay.

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