While researching information for one of my games, I ran across a poem by Fredrich Schiller entitled The Cranes of Ibycus.
The story of this Greek poet from Rhegium is told here, and it prompted me to write a verse myself.

The Cranes of Ibycus

Greek poet Ibycus,
Wounded by robbers and
Left there to die,
Called upon cranes to bear
Witness to murder on
Wing in the sky.

Later, in Corinth, the
People lamented, but
Vengeance was thwarted in
Easing their pains;
Then, in a moment of
"Look yonder, comrade, it's
Ibycus' cranes!"

Thus the Eumenides
Found the offenders, and
Justice was served in the
Usual way.
Strange it may be, but a
Flight of gray cranes brought an
End to the play.