The Biography of Genuflex

My name is Genuflex. I am Macedonian by birth and a slave by happenstance. As a doorkeeper for Senex Caecilius, I was treated well by his family and served his household with pride until my emancipation. When he purchased a home on Thera in the Cyclades, he engaged a young woman named Eudora, who later became my wife. We celebrated a traditional Greek wedding there during the Prometheia, and Senex gave us the oikidion as a wedding present. It had previously belonged to Eudora's parents, so in a way, she was moving back home. We now have a daughter named Melissa, and we love her dearly. We plan an extended visit with Senex and Véronique at his mother's farm in Tusculum to celebrate several birthdays and the Saturnalia.

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I am proud of a heritage that includes countrymen whose exploits are still celebrated in verse, for example this double-dactyl on Philip of Macedon.

For additional information on Macedonia, you can consult these references:

  • A research project at the University of South Dakota focuses on the geography, native population, conquest, economy, and other aspects of the Provinciae Imperii Romani.
  • A web site entitled History of Macedonia contains a thorough review that includes the prehistory, origin, language, and culture of the ancient Macedonians.
  • An entry at Encarta® Online for "Macedonia" gives a brief account of that historic region and provides links to related topics: Achaean League, Philip II, and Alexander the Great.

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