Fort Family

This information concerns five generations of the Fort family.

 • Individuals are listed chronologically, and those in red show my line of descent.
 • Connections of collateral lines to main lines are indicated by linked names.
 • Generations within a family are separated by a series of asterisks; the line of descent is marked by underlined names.
 • Twins within a family are marked with a lozenge symbol (◊).
 • Unknown or unsubstantiated data are marked with blanks or with question marks.
 • Spelling variations and transcriptions encountered in records and indexes:

CAVEAT: Apart from census data, this information has not been confirmed by my personal research, and mistakes are likely present, so use at your discretion.

   Elias Sr born: (before 1630) in England
married: Phyllis Champion (about 1663) in
children: Elias Jr,
John, George
died: (before March 1678) in Isle of Wight County, VA
note: The first actual record of him in Virginia is that he served on a jury and at a coroner's inquest in 1667. He came to Isle of Wight, VA, on the ship "The George" in 1630. The will of James Poole in 1667 mentions Elias Fort Sr and Elias Fort Jr. After Elias's death, Phyllis married John Ducie of Surry County, VA.

* * * *
   Elias Jr
(children of Elias Fort Sr and Phyllis Champion)
born: (about 1664) in Isle of Wight, VA
married: Sarah Holliday (between 1685-1690) in VA
children: Elias, John, Holliday, Phyllis [J. Pennington], Mary [J. Foster], Alice [C. Foster], Faith [King]
died: (March 15, 1739) in Surry County, VA
note: His will, written September 20, 1732, was probated March 19, 1739; mentions all children except Elias who had died in 1724. He was probably a Quaker as he was indicted in 1694 for not going to church.
   John born: (about 1665) in Isle of Wight, VA
married: Elizabeth Jordan (about 1685) in Surry County, VA
children: John Jr,
Elias, George, William, Thomas, Richard, Mary [W. Bynum], Sarah [A. Wall], Hannah [J. Phillips]
died: (1725) in Surry County, VA
note: His wife was the daughter of Richard Jordan, who named her in his will dated September 24, 1695. John's will, probated March 1725-26, in Surry County, VA, named nine children.
   George born: (about 1668) in Isle of Wight, VA
married: Elizabeth Accaba Duckwood (March 3, 1695) in Surry County, VA
children: Elias, George, John, Benjamin, John, Samuel, Phyllis [R. Simms] [R. Williams] [P. Fiveash], Elizabeth [W. Boon], Catherine, Alice
died: (October 1719) in Albemarle County, VA
note: His will was dated May 15, 1719, and was probated October 20, 1719.

* * *
(child of John Fort and Elizabeth Jordan)
born: (about 1697) in Surry County, VA
married: (a) Olive Pitman (about 1729) in Isle of Wight County, VA?
                 (b) Mrs. Priscilla Barrow (about 1759) in Halifax County, NC
children: (a) John, Lucy, Mary Elizabeth (Nancy) [J. Pope], Martha [Lane], Micajah,
Jesse Albert [Nancy ?], Ann [L. Pope]
                 (b) none
died: (1766) in Halifax County, NC
buried: Rick's Cemetery, Rocky Mount, Nash County, NC (?)
note: Olive Pitman, his first wife, was the daughter of Thomas Pitman and Sarah Lancaster. In 1759, Elias made a pre-nuptial agreement with Mrs. Priscilla Barrow, and they acknowledged it in open court July 1763. One of the witnesses to the agreement was Ambrose Pitman, a brother of his first wife. Elias made his will June 20, 1765, in Halifax County, NC. It named eight children and was probated July 1766.

* *
   Jesse Albert
(child of Elias Fort and Olive Pitman)
born: (April 1, 1738) in Halifax County, NC
married: Nancy _?_ ( ) in
children: Mary [Jacob Gibson Jr],
Delilah [Richard Strother] [Thomas Gaines], Rachel [Joseph McMorris], Lydia [William Bell], Martha [William Burrus], Ann [John Jones]
died: (about 1815) in Wilkinson County, MS
census: On the 1790 census, he was (over age 16) in Fairfield County, SC; on the 1800 census, he was (over age 45) in Fairfield County, SC
note: He moved from Halifax County, NC, to Craven-Camden-Fairfield County, SC (between 1764-1770); he moved to Wilkinson County, MS (about 1790), probably to be with his children. His will was probated (March 11, 1814) in MS.

(children of Jesse Albert Fort and Nancy _?_)
born: ( ) in SC
married: Jacob Gibson Jr ( ) in SC
children: Jacob III [Catherine McGraw]
died: (before about 1784) in SC
note: Her husband was the son of Judith Napier and Jacob Gibson Sr. He later married (about 1784) Sarah Burns, widow of Patrick Burns, in Fairfield County, SC.
   Delilah born: (about 1761) in SC
married: (a) Richard Strother (about 1780) in SC
                 (b) Thomas Gaines (after 1796) in SC
children: (a) William,
Sarah Fort [John Yarborough], Nancy Rachel [G. Ruff] [D. Hughey], Lucretia [G. Neely], Mildred Taliaferro [Z. Hogg]
                 (b) Thomas Boykin
died: (July 9, 1802) in Newberry County, SC
census: On the 1790 census, she was with her first husband in Newberry County, SC; on the 1800 census, she was (age 26-45) with her second husband in Newberry County, SC
note: Richard Strother died intestate, but his estate was divided among five children, some of whom may be from a previous marriage. Delilah would be an ancestor in any mDNA sample that I might have analyzed in the future. She would have inherited it from her mother Nancy and passed it to her daughter Sarah, who married John Yarborough.
   Rachel born: ( ) in
married: Joseph McMorris ( ) in
died: ( ) in
   Lydia born: ( ) in
married: William Bell ( ) in
died: ( ) in
   Martha born: ( ) in
married: William Burrus ( ) in
died: ( ) in
   Ann born: ( ) in
married: John Jones ( ) in
died: ( ) in

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