Indictment of Elizabeth Oden Jr

Elizabeth Oden Jr of Charles County, MD, was the daughter of Elizabeth Cave and Francis Oden. (She is cited as Elizabeth Smith in her mother's will.) This is a transcription of the charge against her for theft. A few changes in spelling and capitalization have been made, and punctuation has been added to facilitate reading, but the grammar and syntax of the document are original.

1738-1739 Liber T #2 Charles County Court records, June Court 1739

Elizabeth Oden Jr of Charles County, spinster, into Court here this day in her proper person came, according to the tenor of her recognizance, taken before Saml Hanson Jr, Gent, last May 28, that is to say, said Elizabeth in ₤40, together with her main persons, Elizabeth Oden Sr, Thomas Oden, and Ralph Shaw in ₤20 each, for her appearance here this day, to answer concerning her having feloniously stolen sundry goods, the property of Allen Huton, whereupon it is ordered that the said Elizabeth give sufficient security for her appearance here at the next Court to answer a certain indictment now found against her for the felony aforesaid, whereupon into Court here, in her proper person, came the aforesaid Elizabeth Oden Jr, and gave bond of ₤20 to the Proprietary, and Thomas Oden and Ralph Shaw gave bond of ₤10 each, to warrant that the said Elizabeth Oden will appear at next August Charles County Court and prosecute a certain traverse by her taken concerning her feloniously stealing sundry goods and chattels from Allen Huton, and not depart the Court then without license, and in the meantime, be of good behavior.

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