Consus was an ancient Roman deity who was regarded by some to be the god of secret deliberations, but he was most probably a god of the lower world. In later times he was identified with Neptune; hence Livy refers to him as Neptunus Equestris. The Consualia, a festival with games, was observed every year in the circus on August 21, and a second Consualia took place on December 15.

It was solemnized with a symbolic uncovering of an altar dedicated to the god, which was buried in the earth. (Romulus, considered to be the founder of the festival, was said to have discovered an altar in the earth on that spot.) Libations were poured into the flames, and horse and chariot races were dedicated to the deity. During these games, horses and mules were adorned with garlands of flowers and were not allowed to do any work.

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