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Atma is Sanskrit for soul. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle. Many mandalas are square, with a circle or center point in the middle. These mandalas are created with colored sacred geometries to transmit light. Each mandala carries specific vibrational energies and frequencies. Transform your self, life, home, and office with the elegant light energies of sacred geometric art and personal mandalas.

Sacred Geometric Art
Mandalas are available as individually framed works of art. Choose from We Are the Light series or Magic of Mo-Town series. Each mandala vibrates with sacred energies. Consists of a 15 x 15 inch framed luminous print. Investment: $110 * Packaging: $11 per Mandala * Tax and Shipping: Varies

~We Are the Light Series~
© Kim Rene Kiefer

Emanates the energies of faith and optimism.
Transmits the energies of
in light, in man.
Shines the energies of soulful service.
Amplifies the energies of wholeness and well-being.

~Magic of Mo-Town Series~
© Kim Rene Kiefer

High Road
Engages the way
of the highest road.

Encourages one on the
path of surrendering.

Energizes a solid
connection with Source.
Embraces the totality
of oneness with all.

Note: Images are rendered on vellum (8.5 x 8.5 inch). In the images above, please note that the white area between the mandala and the frame is clear glass. Mandalas are currently on display at Nature's Treasures Community Center on North IH-35 across the freeway from Hancock Center.

Personal Mandala
A personal mandala can also be commissioned. Each personal mandala is a unique image that is especially created for you. The vibrations in the mandala may embody your particular energies or address a specific area in your life (healing, relationship, purpose, etc.). Consists of a framed 8.5 x 8.5 inch luminous print. Investment: $440 * Packaging: $11 per Mandala * Tax and Shipping: Varies

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About Atma Mandalas

Grounds the energies of
cash and co-creation.
~We Are the Light Series~
© Kim Rene Kiefer

As an artist, Kim Rene combines her computer skills, creative juices, and a love of sacred geometry and colored light. These mandalas result from Spirit's prompting, with delicious dollops of Divine inspiration. May they bring you joy and delight!

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