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In 1999, with Y2K approaching, I decided quit my job at American Airlines, grab a backpack, and head out to see and enjoy the world...

Doug...having a ball.  Doug and his backpack...with Texas Flag, of course!  Ziplineeeeee!!!!!  Sky Bunda in Natal, Brazil.  Luca_world_black.JPG (83575 bytes)

I traveled for 16 months through 21 countries in Europe and South America in 1999 and 2000.  Along the way I actually got a life...and a future wife!  This is my story, told via daily journals and many photos...ENJOY!


July 5, 2002 Update
I am now a married man working on settling with the "Wifey Thing" in Georgetown, Texas...I will continue to travel at times...but for now I've got a home base.

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1st Leg - Map:  Europe

Current Status as of:
  July 5, 2002
2nd Leg - Map:  South America   Index of all Journals/Photos
3rd Leg -  Map:  South America, Again!!

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Favorite/Recommended Journals:

Romance story:  How I met Luciana and Our First Date.

On the Edge:  Climbing Mt. Whitney

Tomato FIGHT!!  The Tomatina in Bunol, Spain

Blockades and Stones, The Road to Sucre, Bolivia

Ronda, Spain!

Going to a Wedding in Treviso, Italy:  Mangia, Mangia!!!

Happy Y2K New Year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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