Doug McLean World Tour 1999-2000

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Aug. 24-Sept 11, 2000:
Back to Brazil!

ddm_x58.JPG (34207 bytes)  Doug, Luciana, and her brother Ricardo.  Luciana's Tummy!  Luciana looking at my Cousin Gil's photo in 25 Years of Texas Monthly book.  ddm_x62.JPG (25472 bytes)  ddm_x63.JPG (40506 bytes)  ddm_x64.JPG (36101 bytes)  ddm_x65.JPG (34539 bytes)  ddm_x66.JPG (25784 bytes)  ddm_x67.JPG (29726 bytes)  ddm_x68.JPG (44519 bytes)  ddm_x69.JPG (45654 bytes)  Girl got game!