Doug McLean World Tour 1999-2000

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Manus:  Teatro Amazonas and Opera Performance.
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Recife:  Luciana's world...and back to Texas.
ddm_x45.JPG (32486 bytes)  ddm_x46.JPG (18088 bytes)  Bunch of SEXY doctors!!!  Luciana and Karina.  ddm_x49.JPG (28973 bytes)  Luciana and her brother, Sergio...being silly.  ddm_x51.JPG (35079 bytes)  Doug baiting Luciana with false advertising!!!  ddm_x53.JPG (28634 bytes)  ddm_x54.JPG (26825 bytes)  ddm_x55.JPG (29573 bytes)  ddm_x56.JPG (15177 bytes)  ddm_x57.JPG (20955 bytes)