Doug McLean World Tour 1999-2000

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Hostel Group, Renatta's birthday, Luciana at the Iate Club (Yacht Club), Luciana's mom, Brennand Gallery, Frog's view of us, and Passover with Karina..

Excursion to Itamaraca/Fort Orange and Brennand Gallery.

Doug, Karianne, and other. (20725 bytes)  Renatta's birthday. (27212 bytes)  Luciana at the Iate Club (Yacht Club).  (33132 bytes)  Fort Orange at Itamaraca:  Doug and Luciana.  (52569 bytes) Luciana's Mom, Luciana and Doug. (38532 bytes)  Doug at Brennand Gallery in Recife, Brazil.  Doug...having a ball.  A frog's view of Doug and Luciana.  Passover Satir (sp?) in Recife.  Luciana, Doug, and Karina.  Ticket Card to Paixao 2000 in Nova Jerusalem, Pernambuco.