Doug McLean World Tour 1999-2000

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NATAL!!!  One of the best things I did on my trip!
Lua Cheia (Full Moon) Youth Hostel, Dune Buggy rides, new friends, Ultra-light flight, Pipa, and howling at the moon!!!


Recife Youth Hostel.  Doug and his new Swedish friends.  Lua Cheia (Full Moon) Youth Hostel in Natal.  Kenia, Luciana, Dalit, Doug, and Agustin...going DUNE BUGGY'N!!!Dune Buggies!!!!  Sliding down the dunes in Natal, Brazil.  Ultralight pilot and Doug.  Ultra-light Flight!  View of Agustin's ultralight, coastline, and swimming lagoon in Natal.  Pole Vaulting the Dune Buggy across the lagoon in Natal.  Rough Life!  Limor, Kenia, Doug, Dalit, and Luciana in Natal.  Dune Buggy-Natal, Brazil!  Doug, Dalit, Limor, and Agustin.  Ziplineeeeee!!!!!  Sky Bunda in Natal. Sunset on an incredible day in Natal!  The buggy crew (Doug, Limor, Dalit, Agustin) as we are being poled across the lagoon on a buggy raft.   Doug, Eduardo, and Agustin...near Pipa.  On the beach...going to Pipa.  Agustin, Doug, and Eduardo.    Lua Cheia (Full Moon) Youth Hostel in Natal, Brazil.  Natal Nightlife!  Dalit, Limor, Doug, and Kenia in Natal.