Doug McLean World Tour 1999-2000
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Subject:    Site Update and Favorite Engagement Quotes
Sent:        December 19, 2000.

Hello Friends!

First, I've been working very hard on updating my website! I changed the address please check out this new URL and bookmark it! The website is still being updated...but you will find MANY MORE PICTURES, info, my RESUME (YES, I'm looking for a job!) and lots of new Luciana photos at:

Second, as most of you know, I recently got engaged to Luciana. I received a flood of well wishes...which I greatly appreciated. Also, included in these responses were some pretty darned good quotes! So, I am publishing these great quotes as a tribute to my friends and their remarks. Credit has been given where appropriate...and when it might get them in trouble the names were removed. Many offered advice, comments on Hell Freezing Over, and some responded to my request for information on what "The Rules of Engagement" were...thanks to all.


"If you told me when we climbed Whitney that you would be a
married man in less than 2 years, I would have pushed you off the edge myself. Well congratulations you big Texan Stud." John G./Los Angeles

"I'm not engaged, but I understand the rules are very "tricky" I think you have to abstain from the pleasures of life... something like that..." - Norma S./Los Angeles 

"Question: Did you ask her to marry you in English or Portuguese? Maybe she did not understand.... he he he..." - Norma S./Los Angeles 

"I was so deliriously happy when I read your email
today that my co-workers thought I was the one getting
married!" Melonie H./Somewhere in Canuck-Land

"Congratulations Doug. Your journey to discover the world allowed you to
actually discover yourself. Mel and I are very excited about your new
(additional) focus in life. As you know, with each waking day life only
gets better. We are looking forward to someday meeting the lady with
whom you will be sharing your future adventures. All the best to you
both." Larry and Mel/Los Angeles Boat People

"So good to hear that you are finally going to get married and
settle down. I was just thinking last week how long can a guy travel." Elaine C./Los Angeles

Which seems to have been answered by my friend Roby in Italy:

"A man had to walk until he
find something so good to stop..." Roberto G./Italy

"Oh my god!!!" - Helena C./Austin

"My sympathies to your fiancée." - Don R./Los Angeles

"I have been married for many years, and it has it's moments, but
overall it's worth it. Finding someone to go through life with is a great thing. Really, I mean it! would nice to sit around in my underwear and eat potato chips and drink beer all day, just one more time!" - John Doe Married Guy/Palookaville (Name has been changed to protect the innocent...the quote is real.)

"Mazel Tov" - Ali / Michelle / Daniel

"Like you, I have a feeling I will meet my future wife
in another country. Not like I can't get it here,
but... You know." - John Doe Single Guy/Singleville (Name has been changed to protect the innocent...the quote is real)


"The last time we hung out, I knew you found a right
girl for you. I knew that you were going to marry
her. You are a changed man, and it is good to see you
are moving to the next phase of life. You chased your
dream of traveling around the world, and you have a
new dream to chase." - Paul N./Los Angeles

"Another good man gone!!! You know you're increasing the pressure
for guys like me!" - Anthony K./Ireland

"Can you imagine how different your life would be, had you not started your travels?" - Agustin Y. / Mexico (although sent from Australia)

"I really happy for you and the fact that she was obviously as infatuated with you as you were with her!!" - Rene S./Oz (Australia)

"Just writing to congratulate you on the Hapus Newyddyon (that's happy news in Welsh) of your engagement. We're in Puerto Natales in Chilean Patagonia at the moment after visiting Torres Del Paine. We also hired a four wheel drive and took it to Tierra Del Fuego, driving as far as Ushuaia, the most southerly city in the world." - The Welsh Wanderers/Wales

"Wow. What are all of those single girls going to do now? How
many hearts have you broken with this news? I'm sure Jack will send along his congrats (after he gets back onto his chair from the floor!), but I wanted to send best wishes along myself. Jack would tell me about your adventures and when Luciana's name kept popping up, I said Doug is a goner. Nobody travels to the other side of the world unless she is the one." Kim W./Massachusetts (Wife of college buddy, Jack)

"...sometimes jumping on random people in Greece can have
its benefits, do you remember the random Australian that I told you about? Well, he asked me to marry him last month! So I'm just copying you I'm afraid, and you think that you have it bad, Texas to Brazil is nothing like England to Australia!" Name withheld/England

"Live part of your life in the seaside. It's good for your health." Juliano M./Brasilia (other comments

"Puh! I'm speechless!" - Karianne B./Norway

"Cool shit you sly old dog. long distance relationships DO
fucking work!! and it will keep on working .... You're a man of my own heart Doug, adventure, travel, mischief, good friends and good times, but not to mention our hearts have been stolen by exotic women. damn life is hard. Two thumbs up buddy!" Tyson V./Australia

"Congratulations - you are doing the best thing you've ever done :-) 
Call me if you need advice on how to plan a honeymoon!" Morten K./Denmark (I met him and his new bride, Vibeke, on their 1 month backpacking honeymoon in Bolivia)

"Sounds like it has a great energy, well done mate. Might take you up on the old Texas trip offer one day. Apparently Texan funk music was the business! So are you in Brazil now, I'm thinking of a move to
Budapest in about four months. I going to look for Hungarian funk, lord will it ever end? Whooppee." James E./Hong Kong (Worldwide Funk kidding!)

"I can't believe it, but you knew she was special from the first time you saw her. This is one of the greatest love stories of all time." - Dawn I./Colorado

"How absolutely wonderful. I hope to get to meet her someday." - Cindy B./Los Angeles

"In which country will you be wed?" - Everyone/Everywhere

"When are you guys planning on tying the knot? It sounds like a
pretty long way a way huh? I think you should have it at the Salt Lick!" - Carrie B./Fellow Longhorn NOTE: The Salt Lick is one of the best BBQ places near Austin, Texas.

"Mike and I are going to the Mayan Riviera for 2 weeks in December, but that's a vacation, that's not traveling." Tamarin T./Canuckland (I can not include her even better quote (CENSORED!)...bad Tam!)

"I really like Luciana, though maybe she should have had that little talk with me before she said YES to you..." Meredith E./Austin

"All of your friends and especially me will want to be present to witness this almost-miraculous event. Actually, not that miraculous. For all your talk, Doug, honey, I knew you looked forward to getting married some day once you found the right person. But a doctor? :)" Meredith E./Austin

"Luckily I have nothing holding me love life, no work obligations, and wonderful parents that are continuously encouraging me to follow my heart to travel." Yvette K./NYC on her plans to go to Brazil and live and learn capoiera.

"I must say that you sounded like one of the happiest people on earth before this message, and now you sound even happier (if that's even possible!)." Dina L./Los Angeles

"Are you feeling ok? Did some South American virus take hold? Congrats!!!" Stephen N./Chicago

"Congrats on the for the Rules of Engagement, they are whatever your fiancée says they are (which happens to be the Rules of Marriage also)." Stewart J./Dallas

"Doug, I sensed it coming somehow. I said, that crazy bolio has been in Brazil way too long on this South American tour...something's gotta be up!" Frank N./Dallas

"Congratulations and all the best to the both of you, let me know where the party will be..." Carolin R./Germany

"big congrats on the marriage thing, may love and light come your way in massive doses." Kellie M/Australia (sent from Austria)

" a cosmic sense, this may be one reason why you undertook this journey of self-discovery...good luck wherever you guys end up." Joaquin H./Los Angeles

"I remember sitting talking with you in your flat, and how you said that a part of your motivation in traveling was the hope that you may meet your soul mate...and now you have!" Serena B./England

"...your love story is very interesting, it’s like a film, full of strong emotions and feelings. I hope you will not stop to tell me your stories." Barbara R./Italy

"Congratulations I am sure you'll make a fine husband, or something!" Colin C./Scotland


"DON'T CALL ME 'Wife thing'... Rule number one... smile." Luciana B./Recife, Brazil (MY FIANCÉE!!!)

Smile...Thank you ALL (including my beloved fiancée) for your feedback...and good wishes.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays!!!


Doug McLean
Texas Nomad