Doug McLean World Tour 1999-2000

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Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2000 3:05 PM
Subject: Currently in TEXAS!...Status update... has come to my attention that some of my friends think I have fallen off the planet...sorry...I've been busy...


I am back in TEXAS! Georgetown, near Austin, to be precise.If you want to contact me, I can be reached at:

(512) 869-7048 (24 hours OK to call) direct / computer line - or...if I'm on the computer, feel free to call:

(512) 869-0166 (Normal Hours)
....grandparents line...OK and NO PROBLEM to call between 8am and 10pm Central time...but, grandparents cringe if this line goes off at carefully check your call time if you could...they are both above 85 and
deserve that


Nathan has updated the website...and I am expecting to be adding photos to it very if you are interested...keep an eye on the website for updates soon...and often!


I am back in Texas for minimum 6 weeks. This is to upgrade my computer skills, eat lots of Tex-Mex food, visit with my family and spend some time partying with my friends in Texas. ...undecided on whether I will be
getting a j j jjjj...jjjjj...j jjjjjj... JOB, or whether I will continue to travel (either SouthEast Asia or South America again to hit those other coutries that I missed...Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia...and maybe a return to Brazil for awhile). I'll keep ya'll posted!

NOTE to California friends: I am thinking HARD about coming out there for a visit in the next few weeks (hmmmm...maybe July 4th weekend there might be a party on the Strand???!!!!)...I'll let ya'll know...but also, let me know if there are tournaments or other events coming up that I may want to attend.


Hmmmm...this seems to be a hot topic of let me settle that question. YES, I am still dating my girlfriend, Luciana, in Brazil. We are keeping intouch via ICQ (instant messaging) and e-mails for now. Hmmmm...I
am trying keep her blinded with my wit and have her overlook the fact that I am unemployed, living in my grandparents garage, and driving my dad's white Toyota Camry STATIONWAGON with 263,000 miles (420,800 KM...for you antiquated metric people) on it...not exactly most women's idea of a good catch, eh????

Anyway, I continue to be enthralled by her and continually walk around with a stupid, love-sick calf look on my what does it matter if she is in one hemisphere and I'm in another, right??? She reports in as being just
as pathetic...go figure...I've got her snowed!


I am WAAAAAY behind on my last few journals (Trip up the Amazon River to Manus and another week in Recife...surprise...). I am hoping to complete them soon...and send them out...soon...really.


My dad is one of the biggest geeks I know! I say this with a hard jab in his ribs, and with tons of respect for my father. I would be remiss to forget that his 30 years with IBM paid for my upbringing, most of my college, and for the white Toyota Camry STATIONWAGON (263K Miles!) that I am currently driving...

Anyway, he is "retired" now...which, as many retirees have discovered...simply means they no longer work for "The Man"...they now work for is a computer consultant. Dad is currently setting up an online archive of multi-thousands of photos, thousands of pages of text, audio files, name it and he's doing it! ...this brings me to my current location, project, and opportunities.

Dad is a true guru and has setup his office in a large, nice, airconditioned room in the back of my grandparent's garage. In this room, we have a library of books, my bed, and dad's several desks containing his multiple
computer setup...which is quite extensive.

To give you an "hand-me-down" computer that dad has given me is his old Gateway 2000 with a Pentium-200MHZ processor, 2 Two-Gigabyte hard drives, 2 CD drives, floppy, scanner, printer, speakers, IOMEGA Zip drive, and 2 CD BURNERS! ...and you know that he only gave me the "old stuff"...his computer is much better! Needless to say, I am swimming in technology right now...learning all sorts of stuff that I want and need to
know. Like downloading device drivers from the internet, installation of MABANGO, Millenium II graphics card, installation of a second SCSI card, recording/editing audio, manipulating photos using Adobe Photoshop, burning
(creating) CDs, setting up a Local Area Network...and more.

Soon I intend to expand my learning to include skills to create and maintain a website (hmmmm...oh yeah, I already have one...thanks to my friend Nathan and other appreciated efforts by Aaron and Terrill) using Frontpage 2000.
It is about time I learned these skills...and I would be INSANE not to take advantage of this pause in my career to expand my skills.

I have accomplished my goals of becoming able to read and conversationally fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese. My next goal is to learn the other "World Language"...which is higher level computer skills. In this vein, I
am dedicating this part of my "trip" to spend it with my family combined with learning. This gives me the opportunity to spend much needed time with all of the above and gain in the process.


I have developed ALL 39 rolls of my South American trip...and the pictures are killer! I am planning to begin scanning them soon and updating them on the website. To those fellow travellers who I may have in some of my
pictures...I will have LOTS of extra pictures that I can send via e-mail or regular mail if you are interested. If you are interested, send me a note...letting me know if you prefer to receive them via mail (include address) or via e-mail (let me know what quality of most fellow geeks can scan a picture to varying levels of quality and memory space...).

NOTE: If you have pictures of me in your photos...I would love a copy of them via e-mail or regular mail. PLEASE DO NOT SEND E-MAILED PHOTOS TO MY HOTMAIL ACCOUNT...please send photos to:

or send via snail mail to:
Doug McLean
700 County Road 370
Jarrell, TEXAS 76537


OK...I have to mention the following things that struck me as INCREDIBLE about being back in the USA...

1. The Dell Factory Store (Dell Computer's store for refurbished/slightly damaged parts/computers) was recently closed down in Austin...not to relocate to a new physical location...but rather to go completely online. Now that might not be strange to most people...but, now the only way to GET a computer from the Dell Factory Store is to HAVE a computer to go online and order it with. Hmmmmm...doesn't this get the cart before the horse????

2. I went with some friends to Johnny Rocket's Hamburgers the other day. This is a 50's style hamburger restaurant...kind of theme based fast food...simple, eh? Anyway, we got there at noon...the place had the doors locked and was basically closed at prime lunch hours! One of the employees came to the door and apologized, but said they would open at 12:30pm today...because the computer had crashed!!!! Now, I don't know about you...but our economy is somewhat too wired when a hamburger joint can't open the doors and serve hamburgers because of a computer crash. Kinda snapped me back into the American reality...I'm certainly not in Brazil anymore!!!

That's all for now...I'll be in touch...please feel free to e-mail me often right now...back in TEXAS with a free, dedicated

Texas Nomad