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Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 10:19 AM
Subject: Mar. 23-27, 2000: Recife III - Dreamsequence

Current Date/Location: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Current Itinerary: Probably going to Jericoacoara tomorrow for a few days...probably will spend the weekend in Canoa Quebrada...then hmmm...I think I am going back to Recife for awhile...cough cough...starting to feel a little sick...may be in need of medical attention...cough

EDITORIAL NOTE - JOURNAL CORRECTION FOR Sunday, March 19: Ahhhh...yes. Agustin read my journal, noticed that I was pretty vague on remembering what the heck I had done the day after my first date with Luciana (guess my mind was elsewhere)...and sent me information reminding me where the heck we were...OLINDA! I am not sure how I could have forgotten it...but cést la vie. But, in the interest of an accurate is what happened on Sunday, March 19, 2000. I went with Agustin, Rob, Sharon, and a Dutch guy from the hostel to Olinda. Olinda is a lovely town...we visited one of the churches there...went to the market...had lunch near the church on the
hill...watched an amazing sunset...saw capoeira (Brazilian martial art/dancing) infront of a church...and I went back to recife...just in time for my 2nd date with Luciana!

March 23, 2000 (Thur):
Woke up in Lua Cheia in Natal after getting almost no sleep...quickly packed my bags...couldn't find Sophie's World...told Agustin that I didn't know where it was...hope he finds it (we had bought it together)...and said
goodbye to him.

NOTE: I have to mention at this point something that I have said before, but bears repeating. Agustin is one of the most amazing people I have ever met, traveled with, or known. He has such a deep capacity for understanding, clarity of reasoning, self-assuredness, thirst for knowledge, and zeal for life that he is always a pleasure to be around. The past weeks that we have traveled together have been a pleasure...and has added immensly
to my journey's richness and color. As I explore myself, my own knowledge, and my own being as I travel, it is a pleasure to find someone who challenges, enriches, and adds to that experience. Agustin has become...and will always be one of my closest, most respected friends. It was sad to say goodbye...but as I said in the last is merely "So long for now my friend." Agustin, thanks for everything!

I caught the 9am bus out of Natal...arrived at 1pm into Recife. I think I have mentioned before how much of a pleasure it is to have someone meet you at a busstation or airport...well, for me today, it was ten-fold that
pleasure when I saw Luciana. I had been a little concerned when I left Recife that I may (for some illogical reason) not see her again or it was sweet pleasure to hug her at the busstation...I guess we all like to feel wanted, eh?

Anyway, we went to the Albergue and I checked in. It was great to finally have some time with her (first time I had seen her during daytime!)...and we talked for hours. far I have liked every part of our romance...but in any romance, I guess one of the most enjoyable things is that time of discovery...when every conversation is a new window to
understanding your partner. Every word, every inflection, every facial expression, every topic is interesting, fun, and new. While it is a requisite that eventually couples learn more about each other, I never want to fall into the trap of thinking that I have ever learned everything about my partner...there are always new things to learn, discover, and explore about who they are.

I can't say that we were tired of talking to eachother...but we were certainly tired of staying fixed in the Albergue for so we decided to head out for some dinner. Have you ever been with someone...and you absolutely didn't care what you did or where you were...just that you were together??? Well, yes, we were just about that pathetic this night. We could not think of anything more imaginative than simply having dinner at McDonalds in the Shopping Center ( really, Brazilians love McDonalds...and Luciana is no this was a good date...go figure. She suggested it...and since it was my night to pay...and I am Scottish (read: cheap)...I jumped on the idea! I'm certainly my father's son. ...did I ever tell you about my dad staying in Sears in the Craftsman section looking at tools past closing time...used to drive me nuts as a kid...hmmm...maybe I told that to another Freund of mine...oh well, some other day I'll let that slip into another

I can't remember how long we talked that night...but, alas...she did have to work tomorrow...and I was absolutely shattered from dancing all night lastnight, so we eventually had to part...which is such sweet sorrow...but I
guess it is that way around the Globe.Good night sweet Juliet...ummm...I mean Luciana...hmmmm...sometimes I am bad with girlfriend's names...I guess this is usually not a good trait.

March 24, 2000 (Fri):
Unfortunately, Luciana had to work today from 7am to I had most of the day to myself. I woke late and headed to the Shopping center to use the internet. I caught up on some of my e-mails, but ended up talking with one of the guys, Link, who had been at the hostel the other day. He was going to meet Luciana (the one from the hostel, not my girl...good thing...or I would have had to get out my can of whup-ass! in Old-Town Recife
(Recife Antiguo), and invited me along.

As we walked along in the shopping center, we met Agustin, Kenia, and Luciana (the one from Natal...not my Dr. Luciana or Luciana from the hostel...hmmm...this is getting confusing, eh??? Lots of Luciana's in Brazil...I have learned that this is due to a very popular Brazilian song (by Tom Jobim, I think) called Luciana (how could you guess?!) that was famous about 24 years ago...thus lots of babies that age were inflicted with the name...I like it...which is a good thing, because right now, every other person I meet is named Luciana). They were headed to utilize the internet also, and were staying in Olinda. Chatted for awhile...but then had to go so we wouldn't be late in meeting Luciana/Hostel.

Met Luciana/Hostel at the Cultural Center, which was an old renovated jail...hmmm...couldn't you write a great philosophical thesis on the irony inherent in a jail being a cultural center. ...then we walked around. Link
wanted to buy some Brazilian records, so went to a market to do that. Then went to the plaza Sao Pedro...and into a wonderfully small little bar with local musicians. It was was a bar no wider than 10 feet and
maybe 30 feet deep...had a few tables and a group of older folks who all had various sorts of instruments or who sang. They were playing when we arrived...and we simply sat down and enjoyed the sounds. They were not professionals...but merely people who liked to play and sing...and this is where they went to pass the was truly wonderful.

I met Luciana ( Dr. Luciana) back at the albergue...we spent the evening talking...can't remember where we ate dinner...ahhh...amor.

March 25, 2000 (Sat):
Spent all day with Luciana...went to Shopping Recife (mall)...showed her my internet site (she acted impressed...thanks Nathan!)...we mailed my photos home (fingers crossed...hope it gets there)...looked for swim trunks...generally just enjoyed being together...and didn´t care what we were doing. Plans to go to the beach were shot down by rain...cést la vie.

Went to go meet some of her friends in Recife Antiguo...but there ended up being a big line at the we just wandered around the old town like two love-sick puppies...I think we looked pretty

I tried a local drink...something like a milkshake...but different. I asked for the vanilla version...and got it! It was loaded with lots of pure was good...but very strong. Like drinking a bottle of Adams
Extract (Famous Vanilla Extract from Austin, Texas) with little to water it

It had been a lovely was nice to spend all day with Luciana...

There is an expression in Brazil..."Muito area para seu caminozinho" means "A lot of sand for your little truck"...implying that someone or something is too much for you. I am not saying that she is TOO much for
me...but I am learning that Luciana is a lot of sand, she is really a woman of substance. ...Ela e muita area!

March 26, 2000 (Sun):
Again, spent all day with Luciana...went to the beach. Sat and talked in the sun while sipping cold coconuts...OK my doesn't get much better than this!

Dinner at some restaurant where I had a wonderful lobster in cream sauce dish...mmmmm...and for less than $8 USD...expensive for for anywhereelse...cheaper when your girl pays (for all of you who think this is
horrible...I have more than once offered to pay ...she insists on paying for everyother I may as well enjoy it, eh? time is my turn...wonder if there is a Burger King nearby? smile...not sure
I am going to teach her what Sugarmamma means.).

I guess this day is short on words for me...but was long on meaning. Please don't misinterpret my lack of notes for lack of content...not sure that you can capture all the feelings, moments, and nuances of any relationship in
the written form.

Hmmmm...guess most of my friends would say it takes a lot for me to be at a loss for words, eh?

March 27, 2000 (Mon):
Internet almost all day (7 hours)...probably caused a panic with my friends reading my Mar. 5-8 journal...because I playfully mentioned that I had a Heart Condition (referencing Luciana) and had to stay in Recife...oh well...sorry ya´ll.

After her work, I felt it my duty to see if Luciana could handle American I ordered a Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza! Luckily, this girl is not a vegetarian! This will probably make my parents very happy...I think if I dated a vegetarian, they would disown me. ..

.BEGIN DREAMSEQUENCE...(Imagine swirling visual image...colors blending into confusing vortex) ...dreamsequence... hmmmm...Ku Klux Klan members only like whites so they dress up in funny white outfits and run around like idiots throwing torches through windows...hmmm...change that to a dream of a
slightly less violent sect of meat lovers, CARVE (Citizens and Radicals for Vegetarian Eradication) adorned with strings of sausages, cartride belts full of Slim-Jims, holding hams and turkeylegs as weapons...running around like idiots holding barbecues in the front yards of unsuspecting, cowering vegetarians...throwing cooked chickens through not exactly as noble as MLK's I Have a Dream...but nevertheless...if you are
going to have animosity...let's settle it in the barbeque pit...not the battlefield...I guess there is room for compromise in this world...eventually a great crusader for equality and understanding could come forward and assist CARVE members in understanding that being a vegetarian is not necessarily a is rather better thought of as a
pre-conceived condition or maybe a disease...or a slight mental condition. And that these people are to be pitied for their lack of understanding of the bigger, meatier picture...but also to be praised for not wanting to eat meat...thus leaving more meat for CARVE members to consume. Maybe there will one day be a time when CARVE members will make room on the Sacred Barbecue Pit of Understanding and allow some vegetarian members to warm up
next to the Fire of Knowledge...I have a dream that one day little vegetarian boys and CARVE girls will be able to stand side by side at the Barbecue Pit of Life and not judge each other on the basis of the food they
eat...but rather on the character of their cooking...

(End Dream sequence...wild vortex of colors again...swirling back into reality)....anyway, we had a wonderful time eating pizza...

NOTE: Brazilians tend to
eat pizza with ketchup...which I think is horrible. ...BEGIN DREAMSEQUENCE...(Vortex of swirling colors) "...Imagine a world where people are put in prison for putting ketchup on pizza...imagine a world where..."
...END DREAMSEQUENCE...hmmm...prison for people who put ketchup on pizza is acutally not a bad idea! Hmmm...maybe someday that dream will become reality! (smile)

OK...actually, Luciana does not like ketchup on pizza (whew...thought I was going to have to report her to the authorities) and likes meat...guess I can continue to date her, eh? We had a wonderful conversation and a wonderful
night...didn´t go to sleep until 2am...felt sorry for her...she has to go to work...I don´t...but nevertheless, I am working on monopolizing as much of her time as possible...less time for her to go find other to keep the blinders on her, eh?
...all of my time with Luciana has felt like a dreamsequence...not that I am wanting to wake up...guess I'm not sure who is keeping the blinders on who, eh?


Texas Nomad