Doug McLean World Tour 1999-2000
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Date: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 10:01 AM
Subject: 1st full day in Bangkok

OK...update on 1st full day in Bangkok...Have been hanging out with a guy who just finished grad school and is on a 6 week trip...had spent 2 years in Kyrgyzstan while in the Peace figure out the geography...he says it is near that helps (try Russia, comrade). Anyway, he is cool and we have enjoyed touring today. Have seen many, many, many Budda's my dad e-mailed...headlines should read:  Bubba Breezes By Billions of Buddas, Anyway, it is hot and humid...the guidebooks are right. The Wats (temples) are interesting...but unfortunately, much of the writing is in Thai...and I am woefully (sp?) deficient in my Thai reading skills. The Wats are nice to look at (Certainly nicer that Watts for those in California) but are all pretty much the same in architecture and glittery grandeur. The Thai people are all very nice...but many seem to want to have us go to look at Thai fashion and buy a suit...this may not be at the top of my shopping list right now...go figure.anyway, did I mention that most of the getting around the city is by Tuk Tuk which is a kind of three wheeled motorcycle that takes passengers that is an adventure at the least. Very exciting riding in one...and wonderful if you like the constant feeling of a wreck waiting to happen...and you hope you get out of the Tuk Tuk before it happens!Upgraded accomodations to the Shanti Guest House...If you are coming to Bangkok, write this down...great guest house on the North side. Very nice rooms, AC (important), and good food. The staff actually seems to understand English and are very helpful. Cost: 350 Baht for a double room if you only use the fan, 450 Baht if you use the AC, 150 for dorm rooms, 250 for single rooms with fan...again 37 baht per dollar...My Scottish Ancestors would be soooooo proud at my thrift.Satwadee Kap (Hello/Goodbye greeting in Thai) for now,