Doug McLean World Tour 1999-2000
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Texas Bound!!!

(Sent Thur., Nov. 2, 2000)

Howdy Friends! 

Well, I am headed back to fortunately I have Luciana coming along for 3 weeks (or so) for her vacation. We should arrive (if all goes well with the flights) on Saturday morning (Nov 4) in Austin...and will be looking forward to visiting with all my family and friends...or as many as please call/email and tell me what you are doing these days so we can get together! 

After arrival, I'll be contactable at (in order of preference/ease of contacting me): 

(512) 869-7048 ...OK to call 24 hrs...private line with ans. machine. 

(512) 869-0166 ...Grandparents line...normal hours. 

(512) 746-5205 ...Parents house in Jarrell. 

Tentative Schedule for Luciana's Tour of 

Sat. Nov 4 - Arrival in Austin...visit parents/grandparents. Watch lots of football. 

Sun. Nov 5 - Renaissance Festival...anyone else going??? 

Tue. Nov 7 - Election day...visit with grandparents and vote. Date Unknown - Wurstfest in New Braunfels...anyone going or have info?? 

Nov 11 or 12 - Scottish Gathering of the Clans in Salado and book event on the Capitol Grounds with dad. 

Nov 23 (I think) - Thanksgiving with family...and watching UT beat TxAM. 

Late Nov. - Luciana goes back to Brazil...Doug is scheduled to be pathetic after this...and Luciana too... 

Anyway, we want to visit with lots of my please call us and let's figure out how to meet up. I want to take her to lots of places in Austin and other parts of call us and let's all go!!! 

Take care and we'll see yaŽll soon!

Doug and Luciana