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Dear friends and acquaintances,

Well, I am a big believer in plans and in goals. If you don't have a direction in life you're likely to sway with the here I'm going to outline my goals, direction and orientation in my job with all things, I'm flexible and things may change...but this is the plan for now:

GOAL:    Healthcare Industry. My wife, Luciana, is a new Internal Medicine Resident at Scott & White hospital in Temple...I'd like to work in the same industry. Families that stay together have stuff to talk about and share common experiences...she is a doctor and I'm a sales/marketing guy, but that is no reason for us to not be able to relate to each other's fields of interest. I'm very motivated to obtain and excel at a job in the healthcare industry.

JOB GOALS:           Pharmaceutical Sales, Medical Equipment Sales, Healthcare Marketing, etc.

DESIRES:                 Interesting, exciting work that holds substantial payoffs for an exceptionally focused, motivated and dedicated individual. Luciana works 80 hours a week as a resident and gets 4 days off a month (yes, 4 per month and not necessarily on weekends)...while I intend to work many long hours in pursuit of my personal ambitions, I do want a position flexible enough to allow me to spend these 4 days off per month with her. I believe a sales oriented job is the most likely to provide the opportunity to excel professionally, as well as to provide enough flexibility to provide balance on the personal side due to my wife's irregular (and very limited) schedule.

STRENGTHS:        I believe that I bring an excitement to any activity that I undertake, along with the experience, skills and judgment to complete challenges and tasks as I face them. My life is in balance with a wonderful past behind me (work, travel and writing) as well as an interesting future in front of me (new marriage, new professional opportunities and new goals). My 6 years of award winning sales experience at American Airlines helped give me the confidence to travel the world, meet challenges and to prevail in all situations. More recently I got involved in an exciting project managing a far-flung network of contractors in Mexico and the Caribbean while I lived in was an amazing and rewarding challenge! Now that my wife and I have moved back to my hometown roots in Georgetown, Texas I am looking forward to new opportunities that a new job will bring.

NOTES:                    Able to work extensive hours and handle large geographic territory in Central Texas (including Waco, Temple, Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, etc.), including overnight stays. Very computer literate and rapidly learn new techniques without requiring additional follow-up.

Those are my goals and objectives at the present time and I am working to make them a reality. I have always been amazed at the help I have received from friends and mere acquaintances in walking the path of if you know of an opportunity that I should investigate, please point me in that direction...leads, suggestions and tips always gratefully accepted (and there may be a BBQ dinner in it for you!) from all sources.

Sharing your goals and dreams with your friends is the only way to make them a reality...feel free to send me your goals and let me know if I can every help YOU with your objectives in life.

Best Regards to all,


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