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Current Status Update as of July 5, 2001:

Howdy Friends,

Just an update from Central Texas from Luciana and myself on various topics...likely a list in no particular order is easiest:

Current Address/Phone:
206 Golden Oaks Drive Georgetown, TX 78628
(512) 869-7048 Doug Cell: (512) 554-4174

1. Big Tree/Concan Party - We had an awesome time tubing down the Frio River and were happy that many people were able to come. Special thanks to Bob and Aunt Roann and to the McCrackens!

2. Residency - Yes, Luciana started her Internal Medicine Residency on July 1 (after "observing" for most of June). She is enjoying it, but not the hours...Temple Scott & White is one of the more humane programs and limits the doctors to 80 hours or less of work per week...which seems staggering, but by comparison to some other places is very nice.

3. Job Search - Yes, it is now "Doug go find a job!" time. I've been avoiding the job thing until after Luciana started her Residency (so we could spend as much time together as possible). I'm going to be focusing on trying to go into the Healthcare industry, specifically Pharmaceutical Sales if possible. It is a tough field to break into...but I'm hoping to do it. I'll send out another e-mail soon to everyone with more info about my job search. (See JOB SEARCH and RESUME/CV)

4. Website - Yes, the Texas Nomad website is out of in I'm still engaged to Luciana in the site...oops...part of job search is to have an updated website...I'll be adding photos and stuff to it soon...I promise. E-mail will follow when that is started.

5. Honeymoon - Luciana and I had a great time in Europe and visited Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. Thanks to Sergio, Simone and Roby for making it a great trip.

6. House Buying - YES, we are buying a house. Looks like we're going to be moving into a subdivision called "Georgetown Village" which is repulsively quaint and nice...Luciana thinks it resembles the neighborhood in The Truman Show with everyone being soooooo nice and picket fences and all that junk. The house is presently under construction and projected to be done by late August or in September. That said, we're still looking around at other options until that house is built and we've closed on we're likely to move there, but it is not guaranteed...we'll see.

7. Reality Check - OK...seriously...hug the ones around you and tell the folks you love that you love them. This week I found out that a good friend of mine from California has cancer in the brain...luckily it was caught very early...unluckily it is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer and it is in the wrong place...emergency chemotherapy has been started...but there are no guarantees. Which brings me back to my point...forget wrecks, hit by a bus or choke on a hotdog could happen to any of us at anytime...any one of us may only have 1 or 30 or 90 days to live before our "ultimate" your life accordingly. Doctors (including my wife) can predict with absolute reliability that we'll all die...but nobody's perfected the answer to "WHEN?"

8. Rain - Somebody throw the OFF's rainin' so much around here in Texas that the frogs are drownin'.

9. New Car - Luciana needed a car to drive...and now she's the happy owner/driver of a "Lunar Mist" (silver) colored 2003 Toyota Matrix. We really like the car so far...but if you're around Houston DO NOT buy your car at Jay Marks Toyota...bad experience in trying to buy...e-mail me if you want the details. We bought ours at Champion Toyota in Austin which was fine. The car is way cool and has a sunroof and everything.

10. Happy 4th of July - I'm sue me.

Take care ya'll!

Doug (and Luciana)

JULY 9TH Additional NOTE: My friend Meredith got me signed up to do the bike part of an upcoming Triathalon here in Georgetown on July's a Saturday. I'll be biking 18 miles in the race...which is 6 times more than the simple 3 miles that her husband and my teammate, Michael, is doing (oh sure...he's running...but I'm going farther) and I'm doing 36 times the distance than our laziest (and possibly most athletic) teammate, Stepan, is doing by swimming a mere half-mile. Please feel free to come out to Georgetown on July 27th in the early morning to cheer on "Team Flab" to victory!