Doug McLean World Tour 1999-2000



Current Status Update as of January 18, 2001:

I guess most of my friends long last, and after much contemplation...

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I am now officially looking for a job!  Here's my RESUME!  Smile...that along with recently becoming engaged to be married.

2000 was a great year for me.  I found lots of paths to wander and even found someone to wander with me on my future path through life.  2001 starts a New Year and truly a new beginning for me.  With a new perspective, new goals, new dreams, and new motivations, I will be looking to make 2001 an incredible year.

My list New Year's Resolutions begins with GET A JOB!  But, not just a job...but a GREAT JOB, and I've given myself until the end of February to do it!  My definition of a great job would be:

1.  High Tech in nature.  Internet/e-commerce, B2B, or Wireless Communications readily come to mind.  I enjoy cutting edge stuff and want to be involved with it.

2.  High level of Latin America focus.  Countries South of our borders seem to be a hugely mis-understood and under-developed...but I expect this to change rapidly.  2001 finds Latin America rapidly facing globalization challenges and opportunities...I want to be involved with the exciting development of this region.  Also, are the obvious personal interests that I've developed in this area.

3.  Ability to grow within a job and to develop it in ways that neither the hiring manager nor myself will foresee at the outset.  I see myself being the most effective in an environment which allows autonomy but has a structure to support and promote good ideas from conception through implementation.

I've been working on my website and my resume.  Life is too short to hate your job...your job is part of your life.  I'm looking to find a job, pay, benefits, coworkers, and company that I'll truly enjoy.  Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, I've been active with Texas Nomad Enterprises (my personal business) which I started this year.  It allows me to work with my father in his computer consulting business as well as do contract computer work on my own.  I am enjoying these activities which provide some extra $$$, utilize my talents, and are really interesting as well!  Recently I've been contacted to digitize, update, and index a previously published book that is going to be modernized and I'm keeping busy.

2001 will give all of us is up to us to seize them!