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Hello! We're very glad that you made it this far . . . and hope that you'll stick around long enough to get to know just a little more about us and the cattle. We'd love to get acquainted with you in cyberspace ( ). You are invited to visit us at the ranch 2 miles from Jarrell, 12 miles from Georgetown, and 40 miles from Austin. (click for maps and directions)
Scamp, a bull we raised and are using.  He had the highest weight gain per day of age in the 199 x BBU forage trials at Wills Point.
Scamp, a bull we raised and are using. He had the highest gain per day of age at the 1992 BBU forage trials at Wills Point.

Some of our females.

Our Background

We're sold on Beefmaster cattle and the Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) association. If you would like to find out more about BBU and Beefmasters, we would be glad to help out.

Lifetime members of BBU

Weights and Measures Program

Our cattle breeding objectives
Old Girl...age 21.. at the height of the drought of 1996..last calf at 17.
Our cattle Records
Personal Web Pages
McLean family home page  See us in our Kilts from Scotland 
Robertson's Colony  Early Texas colonization before it was a nation! 
McLean, Reed, Robertson  Family genealogy 
Rose  Family genealogy 
Stoner  Genealogy from family bible 
Malcolm D. McLean's Biography  Biography 
Margaret S. McLean's Biography  Biography 
Marky Miles' many activities Custom book repair, bookbinding,  printing and sailing
Douglas D. McLean's Homepage Doug's "The Tales of the Texas Nomad":
Extensive travel journals of Europe and South America.
Aug. 1999-Nov. 2000.  16 months, 21 countries.
Includes Brazil, Bolivia, Spain, Italy, and more.
Sites of Interest to Cattlemen


Electronic Zoo / NetVet - Cow Page An amazing list of cattle and livestock electronic access points.

Forage Information System : A comprehensive system for all aspects of forages, world wide.

Cows of the World : 925 breeds were listed last time I looked!

Chuck Prichard's C BAR T: Cowboy Poetry and links...FABULUOUS! : A serious paper on cattle heritability traits and breeding.

Water Requirements for Beef Cattle, G77-372-A : A serious paper on how much water cattle drink, and why.

Beef Cattle Breed Associations and Addresses


AgDirect Home Page : List your ranch here, see breed association sire summaries.

CATTLEweb: A Cattle Listing Service : An emerging site with a search capability for sale cattle.

MAGAZINES C BAR T home page by Chuck Prichard: The best cowboy page I've seen! For Poets, Bards & Liars!

Progressive Farmer Online : The Progressive Farmer Magazine, updated frequently, find old articles of interest.

Beef Today : A Farm Journal publication

TEXAS MONTHLY WWW RANCH : Wonderful collection of info about Texas.

High Plains Journal - The Weekly Farm and Ranch Magazine for the Internet

Thrifty Nickel : Online want ads, would you believe!

MY YAHOO!!:  Customize for yourself, right down to your rural town...advertise for free.  Really dandy!

WEATHER ORGANIZED WEATHER LINKS : NORTH AMERICAN RADAR IMAGES : Wonderful Radar maps for the entire USA! Doppler (Our favorite), NEXRAD, daily precipitation estimates for your specific county!!

Rob's live weather radar page:  Easy and fast navigation to the best sites from each state.

Forecast for your city.

MISCELLANEOUS Infoseek Guide Street Maps : Fabulous!!! Never be lost again!! Enter the street address, city, state, get a map to it!

yeeHa ! Texas Website & Resource Directory - HOME PAGE : If Texas is your thing, this is it!!

Big Dave's Cow Pages: Cow Clip Art : Best collection of cow clip art we've found, let us know if you find a better one. online magazine for cattle folk.

Tax Information For You - IRS : Not so great, but you never know what you'll discover that might be helpful!

We'd love to hear from you! 
John & Ellen McLean, 700 County Road 370, Jarrell, Texas, 76537. (512) 746-5205
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