I have a TiBook 667 and have been taking it to work with me to play my music and to run Folding@home in the background. While doing this, even though I'm using a TiBook Tote & Tilt Handle , the fan would go up to the second setting and sometimes the third, At times this would require that I increase the volume in order to hear some of my Classical music. [The Heavy Metal generally didn't need a a volume increase. :-)]

Since even the 10GB iPod is not large enough for my music collection, I decided to try a cheaper solution. I know that pastry chefs and ice cream parlors use marble slabs to keep their ingredients cool, so I wondered if I could use the same trick.

I had a black marble cheese "board" laying around that wasn't used much. I took it to work and ran my TiBook on top of it with the handle up as well as down. Even while running the software above and doing other things, the fan would only go as high as the first setting -- if I had the handle up. However, If I ran it with the handle down, it acted much the same as if I were running it without the marble.

It has proven to be a success. While not portable, it makes the TiBook cooler and my office quieter. Perhaps an ideal implementation of this idea would be a marble or granite "wedge" to lay the Powerbook on.  [Anyone wanna go into business with me? :-p]

So I present "An experiment in passive cooling."

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