Running - Or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the Dry Heaves

It's still a mystery to me why I got back into running. I had decided back in high school that it wasn't something I wanted to continue.

Then, a while after college, I learned of a club that combined running with things I did like, namely, drinking beer and being rowdy. Yes, I'm talking about the Austin Hash House Harriers. Follow the link for the background info in detail. The basic idea has someone setting up the trail and leaving marks (usually flour) to identify the "True Trail." At the end of the run, there is beer and rowdiness. After a while, you earn your own Hash Name, a nickname resulting from your having done something stupid in an exceptional fashion. My hash name is "Glow Worm," not because of something that I did myself, but because of something that happened to me, involving a glow tube necklace and a nighttime nude run. But I digress.

Every so often, there are events more involved than the one day "set it and run it" type of thing. If you'd like to learn more about Hashing in general, try these links.