What's that? You say I'll break my fool neck on one of those death traps? Well, I suppose it has to be that way. Mine is the only neck I have the right to break. Sorry. I guess that wasn't the properly chastened attitude that some of you might have hoped for. Tough!

I took a local class set up by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and I strongly recommend that anyone else planning to get two wheels and defy logic do the same. I learned a lot from the class (and yes, a lot of the material was common sense stuff that, if you need a class to learn those things, you may be safer with public transport!) and I'm confident that I am safer for having that experience.

Mine is a 1981 Yamaha XS400SH. According to the photos the previous owner gave me, it was originally a dark shade of brown. Currently, it is an electric blue, and I must say that I support the choice.

Yes, I do wear a helmet, a Shoei RF800,
though I didn't need some bureaucratic busybody to "care" about me (or, more likely, the potential loss of tax revenue) enough to threaten to jail me if I acted foolishly. I wear a helmet for the same reason I wear seatbelts: Stuff happens. Fortunately not often, but why take unnecessary chances? Too many people don't understand how to drive around motorcycles, so the responsibility for safety rests mainly with the rider. Considering I've had people "not see" my 91 Caprice... And many people like to ride close behind a bike, for whatever reason.


Bikes can stop faster than cars (lots less mass), and rear ending a bike is much more serious than rear ending anything else. If it is that important, ya shoulda left earlier. It's not worth my hide.

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