Want a copy of the video from IAH2001?
See Fuk Stik get covered in mud!

See a cute girl's butt!
Drop John the Video Guy a line and let him know!

They do take credit cards...
Or mail a check/money order for only $20 to:

Duplass Bros. Productions
Attn: John Bryant
906 E. 5th St. #200
Austin, TX 78757

See stair climbing! Huh? Well, um...

No, you can't "place out" of a hash by watching... But it's still fun to watch!
Reminisce about slogging through a stream bed.
Track some mud into the living room, crack open a frosty one and pretend you're back in Austin!
Feel free to fast forward past this part.

Don't beat yourself up later! Order yours now!

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