Who's Getting Wet?

There are currently 120 soon-to-be-soggy hounds signed up for the Tube Hash on Thursday, Aug 30th

The bus is now full! You can still sign up if you have a ride to the start, but there's no more room on the bus.

(The airport is only about 15 minutes from the hotel and shuttle buses start running at 9:30 am on Thursday.)

Hashers who are going on the bus
Hound Home Hash
Anal Intruder Austin
Babe Thruster Gulf Coast
Barely Manbelow Portland
Brains For Dick Tampa
Brownie Austin
Bubble Cumm Dallas H3
Bull Orange County
Cameltoe Palatka
Cheese Spread Aloha
Chernipple Lutz
Chuck E. Cheeks Denver H3
CIA Houston
Clodhopper Dallas H3
Corn Hole Hussie Long Beach
Corrigan ????
Crying Game Yongsan Kimchi H3
Dairy Queen Austin H3
Deep Shit Memphis
Dick on a Stick Harrisburg-Hershey H3
Dipstick Atlanta
Dr. Jeckyll Rumson
Doofus White Boy Palatka
Dreary the Hugging Man ????
Drills For Gash Salt Lake City
Easy Access Austin H3
F2 ???
Face Plant Puke Princess Jax
Fart Filter Memphis
Flame Austin H3
Floppy Nittney Valley H3
Folker Pittsburgh
Foreskin Summit
Fucking Crazy Puget Sound
Gallopin Seattle
Gives Good Head and Shoulders Long Beach
Golden Boy GUAM
Grateful Douche Yongsan Kimchi H3
H2HO Hogtown
Happy Crack Austin H3
Head Banger Denver
Head Nurse Hedon
High Beams Salt Lake City
Ho Paint Fort Worth H3
Hops DC
Iron Lady Seattle
Jug Tugger Austin H3
Just Andrea Atlanta
Just Debbie Aloha
Just Pattie Aloha
Just Tom Aloha
K Why Bitch ????
KGB Palatka
Krabs'r'us Long Beach
Last Call Norm Monterey Bay H3
Last Train To Cuntsville Long Beach
Loveseat ???
Master Chugger Houston H3
Men's Open Mouth (MOM) Aloha H3
Mr. X ???
Moon Pittsburgh
Mountain Yak Palatka
Mutha Superior Gulf Coast
Pearl Necklace New York
Pearl Necklace Surf City
Pecker Wrecker Charleston
Pee Pee Longstocking Austin H3
Perk-a-set Mt. Vernon
Poison Penis Carolina Trash
Poopatrooper Denver
Pork Screw Nittney Valley
Psycho Bitch Palatka
Pumper Up the Butt Austin H3
Put It Out White House
Raggedy Anus Colorado
Rain Bitch Houston
Red Foreskin eATMe
Rex Erection Pittsburgh
Rowdy Guilford
RTD ????
s&m&m&m man cleveland
Scab Ass Rising Eerie
Sex Inland Empire
Shallow Entry Charleston
Shit Orange County
Shit Clugger Eerie
Shut Up Chuck Houston
Silicone Desire Denver
Sinbad Denver H3
Skippy Austin H3
Slowly Butt ????
Splice Girl Summit
Stainmaster Dallas H3
Stick Bite ????
Stick Your Finger In It Atlanta H3
Stinky Pussy Foot Houston
Stuck From Behind Houston
Suck-a-bye Baby Yongsan Kimchi H3
Swallamander Austin
Swilly Atlanta
Thunderthighs ???
TuTu Fairy Nittany Valley
Twin Peaks Austin H3
Vagisil Denver H3
Wet Clam Long Beach
Whaleboner Orange County
Will Work For Pants Austin H3
Xena the Warrior Princess East Bay
Yard Ralph eATMe
Yeast Infection Tampa
Hashers who are going, but not on the bus
Hound Home Hash
Beaver Breath Fort Worth
Crack Climber Dallas
Hasher Humper Austin H3
Just Sandra Austin
Pound Kake Austin
Prodigy Hackensack
Rip Houston
Shit Happens Palatka
Smegma Balls Austin H3
Spinal Tap
Stale Mate ???
Suck Em Up Summit
UnZip Me Austin
and the 80 useless wanks who always wait until the last minute to sign up

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