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Print out this form, fill it in and mail it, along with your check (made out to Barry Bryan) and a stamped envelope to:

IAH 2001
P.O. Box 1585
Austin, TX 78767

    Name: ____________________________

    Home Hash:________________________

    Nerd Name:________________________




    Shirt Size      
	___ M  ___ L ___ XL ___ XXL

    How big is your ass?    
	___ S ___ M ___ L ___ XL
	___ Man! That's a big fat ass!

    I understand that hashing and drinking are hazardous 
    activities and I do either/both or my free will. 
    Neither I, my family, nor anyone else shall hold the 
    officers, webmaster or any member of the Austin Hash 
    House Harriers or anyone associated with the Americas 
    Interhash 2001 event liable for any misfortune that 
    may occur to me.  I agree not to drive to or from the 
    hotel while intoxicated.

    I am at least 21 years old.

    I can hurt myself if I want to 

                        (signature necessary)

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