Pre-Lewds, Baby!

Awwwwwwlright, here we go. (And remember - these activities have their own sponsors, so yell at them!)

Traveling Parties

1. The Southern Exposure Party Bus
Cancelled as of 6/12/01

2. Dick the Boy Wonder's Party Bus - organized by Dick the Boy Wonder begins with his Annual Crab Hash the weekend of Aug. 25th. The bus will then take people on the following hash odyssey: Sunday in Houston, Monday in Galveston, Tuesday in Corpus Christi, and Wednesday in San Antonio. Thursday there will be a tube hash in San Marcos followed by the Thursday night pub crawl(s) in Austin. If there is enough interest, the bus may continue up to Dallas for Post-Lewd activities. There is no cost or registration info. available yet, but there is an e-group that can be joined for getting updates. To subscribe: send an email to .

Thursday Night

Prelewd Live Hare & Pub Crawl Hash

That is all we know about pre-lewds at this time. There may be something cumming from the West coast, but it's just a rumor. Another rumor is that Fucking Annoying in San Antonio is going to do something.

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