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Special Deal With Southwest Airlines!

Attendee Benefits

per Southwest Airlines:

"Attendees receive 10% off most of our already low fares. Some promotional fares are so affordable that they're not discounted any further, and we don't discount Government/Military fares. Federal Excise Taxes and Passenger Facility Charges of up to $12 roundtrip, which are assessed by local airports, cannot be discounted.

Attendees receive Rapid Rewards frequent flight credit for travel as with any other purchased ticket flown.

Reservations changes are permitted per fare rules and availability, and we do not impose service charges on changes. However, fare upgrades may apply when reservations are changed.

Most of our fares do not require a Saturday night stayover.


Make reservations through Southwest Airlines Group and Meetings Reservations by calling 1-800-433-5368 and referencing the event ID code: A5883. This allows us to offer a discount when applicable, and to track I.D. code use. Make reservations five or more days prior to travel to receive any applicable discount. Attendees will receive the most affordable fare that is available at the time reservations are made. Please note that our schedule is generally available for up to six months prior to travel.


Attendees may use Southwest Airlines Ticket-By-Mail. Call 1-800-433-5368, reference the event ID code: A5883, and provide a valid major credit card number for payment. Tickets will be sent directly to the attendee at their billing address. After Ticket-By-Mail tickets have been purchased, changes must be made at our airport billing counter. We are unable to provide a discount when tickets are changed, and fare rules apply.

Attendees may use an authorized travel agency for ticketing when they provide the travel agency with the toll-free reservations number and ID code assigned to this event.

We are unable to provide a discount or track attendee usage with Southwest Airlines Ticketless Travel, and discounts are not available when purchasing or exchanging tickets at our airport locations."

Airline ID Name ID Code # Dates Deal
Interamericas Hash 2001 A5883 8/21-9/8/01 10% Discount
Interamericas Hash 2001 Ref# IXNB5T and Z-code:ZHGU 8/24-9/10/01 5% off if 10 people use their airline, 10% if they book 60 days out
Interamericas Hash 2001 Domestic (US, Mex, Canada, Caribbean, Bermuda-DMN176106A International (Argentina, Japan, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela)-DMN176875A 8/24-9/10/01 5-15% Discount, depending on where
American/One World
Interamericas Hash 2001 A3481AN
Contract ID HCI0404010854
TBA 5-10%, depending on where

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