Eleventh Census of the United States



Persons who served in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps of the United States during the war of the rebellion (who are survivors), and widows of such person, in County of Shawano, State of Wisconsin, enumerated in June, 1890.

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Individuals with names in red were living in Shawano County at the time of the 1860 U.S. Census.

Town of Hutchins (Enumeration District 36)      [ Top ]

Name Rank Co Name of Regiment Date of Enlistment Date of Discharge Disability Incurred Remarks
Knowles, Renick Private D 21st Wis Inf Aug 11 1862 Jun 30 1865
Pollock, Amazi Private D 21st Wis Inf Aug 11 1862 Mar 18 1863
Cheever, Orlo Sergeant E 94th NY Inf Oct 1 1861 Feb 25 1863
Barbara, widow of
Lange, Charles
Private E 16th Wis Inf Nov 28 1863 July 12 1865
Brown, Washington Private E 14th Wis Inf Mar 1 1864 Nov 9 1865
Rhoades, William Private E 17th Ind Inf 1861 Apr 1863 Shot in wrist
Wood, Frank Private E 60th NY Inf Sep 1861 Dec 1863 Gunshot wound in right arm
Wood, Joseph Private D 98th NY Inf Nov 1861 1864
Smith, Phillip Private K 21st Wis Inf Aug 15 1862 June 8 1865
Duir, Phillip Private
14th Wis Inf
1st Wis Cav
Sep 13 1861
Oct 28 1863
Dec 1862
Aug 1865

Martha J. Reiland, Widow of Hughes, Daniel Private

Daniel Hughes died Dec 18th 1879. No papers in family to show other dates.

Town of Aniwa (Enumeration District 36)      [ Top ]

Name Rank Co Name of Regiment Date of Enlistment Date of Discharge Disability Incurred Remarks
Carpenter, William H. Private E 44th Wis Inf Nov 12 1864 May 30 1865
Williams, Samuel Private E 52nd Wis Inf Mar 13 1865 Jul 28 1865
Aldrich, Gaines D. Private A 42nd Wis Inf Aug 15 1864 Jun 27 1865
Quick, Walter Private C 8th Wis Inf Aug 17 1861 Sep 5 1865 Re-enlisted veteran
Peaslee, Hiram Private H 6th Mich HA Feb 26 1864 Jun 14 1865
Ball, Henry 1st Class
Orio --33
Feb 1865 Oct 1865

Village and Town of Birnamwood (Enumeration District 37)     [ Top ]

Name Rank Co Name of Regiment Date of Enlistment Date of Discharge Disability Incurred Remarks
William H. Fuller Private A 37th Wis Inf Mar 1864 Sep 1865
William J. H. Hagen Private D 32nd Wis Inf Nov 9, 1863 Jul 5 1865 Catarrh of Lungs and
gun-shot wound in left arm
Andrew F. Roscoe Private A 5th NY Inf Jan 16 1864 Jul 31 1865
Edward R. Franklin Private A 6th Wis Cav Feb 27 1864 Jun 6 1865 Dyspepsia
Soprona N. Perry
widow (sol US)
Corporal C 93th NY Inf Nov 30 1861 May 5 1864
Charley Engle Private D 3rd Wis Inf

Aaron Springstead Private K 102nd NY Inf Feb 1 1862 Mar 31 1865 Chronic Diarrhoea
Benjamin A. Cady Private I 37th Wis Inf Nov 25 1863 Apr 20 1865 Loss of middle and index
finger on right hand
Harry A. Nadeau
alias Thames
Private B 5th NY Cav 1861 1863
Cornelius J. Van Patten Private B 27th Wis Inf Aug 29 1864 Jul 14 1865 Siatic Rheumatism
Elvan J. Roberts Private A 22nd Wis Inf 1862

Helen Seloover,
widow sol(U.S.)
37th Wis Inf

Alonza Vosburg Corporal K 3rd Wis Cav Nov 21 1863 Dec 1865 Rheumatism of Heart
George L. Ledle Private G 14th ME Inf Dec 15 1861 Jun 15 1863 Chronic Diarrhoea
Don C. Butler Private A 3rd Wis Inf Jan 20 1864 Jul 18 1865
James D. Towle Orderly E 5th Wis Inf May 1864 Aug 1865 Hurt in the Back
Allen Huncler(?) Sergeant
38th Wis Inf
8th Wis Inf
Mar 30 1864
Sep 2, 1861
Jul 26 1865
Oct 12 1862
Phthisis Pulmonalis
(Pulmonary Tuburculosis)
Ephriam Krake Private A 1st Wis Inf Sep 24 1861 Oct 11 1864 Third finger off Right Hand
Ephriam G. Benjamin Private H 2nd M(?) Inf Jul 7, 1861 Aug 15 1865 Physical Disability
John Brumm Private A 5th Wis Inf Jun 1861 Jul 1865 Heart Disease and
Chronic Diarrhoea

Village and Town of Wittenberg (Enumeration District 38)      [ Top ]

Name Rank Co Name of
Date of
Date of
Disability Incurred
Alfred M. Darroid Private C 1st Wis
Heavy Arty
14 Sep 1863 21 Sep 1865 Ankel broken and Measles Chattanoga Tenn. Discharged as 1st Corporal
F. A. Millen Private
20th Wis Inf
9th Minn Inf
Sep 1861
Jan 1863

Sep 1865
Rupture in the Battle of Guntown, Miss
John H. Shaid Private H 14th Wis Inf 18 Sep 1861 14 Apr 1864 Rheumatic and Heart Disease
Charles Matteson Private C 36th Wis Inf 18 Oct 1864 6 Jun 1865 Bayonet wound in Elbow
Tonie Halsten widow of Paul Halsten Private H 15th Wis Inf

Shot through left leg and Heart Disease
John R. Cawles Private A 6th Mich Inf 20 Aug 1861 20 Aug 1865 Rheumatis and Liver Complaint - Discharged as Sergeant
William Nieland Private


4th U.S. Cav
4th U.S. Cav
US Sloop
18 Mar 1857
Mar 1863
Mar 1853

9 Mar 1862
Mar 1868
Sep 1856

Piles and Lung Disease
John St. Cyr Private E 2nd Minn Cav 20 Nov 1863 22 Nov 1865 on Brest and Left Arm - Discharged as Corporal
James Rice Private C 5th Minn Inf

Ai Rice Private K 11th Wis Inf Aug 1861 Oct 1865 Lung and Kidney Disease and Diarrhoea
John P. Smith Private
41st Wis Inf
52nd Wis Inf
14 May 1864
1 Mar 1865
23 Sep 1864
28 Jul 1865
Piles and Chronic Diarrhoea
Charles W. Wright Private
13th Wis
Light Arty
14 Oct 1863 25 Jul 1865
Frank Young Private G 21st Wis Inf

Town of Fairbanks (Enumeration District 39)       [ Top ]

Name Rank Co Name of
Date of
Date of
Disability Incurred/Remarks
Eliza Joslin Widow
of Thomas Joslin
Private D 18th Wis Vol

John Hancock Private H 16th Wis Vol Jan 18 1864 Jul 12 1865 Piles cronic Diareah
& Rheumatism
Timothy Toomey Private E 17th Wis Vol Nov 1862 Jul 18 1865 Cronic Diareah Wounded
Philip Ruppenthal Sargeant K 9th Wis Inf Oct 14 1861 Dec 8 1864 Heart Disease
John Wilber Private B 3rd Wis Cav Dec 1861 Dec 1863 Heart Disease cronic
Diareah vanes in feet &
ankles enlarged
Hiram Brace Private D 1st NY Vol Aug 15 1863 Jul 20 1865
Michael Scheufel Private F ? Wis Vol Dec 31 1863 Jul 29 1864 cronic Diareah & General
Walter B. Sharp Private B 21st Wis Vol Aug 1862 Jun 1865
Peter Ruppenthal 2nd Lt A 45th Wis Vol Sep 14 1861 Jul 17 1865 Piles Rheumatism Kidney
Disease Palpitation heart
and chronic Dia(rrhoea)
David Divo Private A 9th Wis Inf Sep 12 1861 Dec 3 1864 Piles Rheumatism KidneyDisease

Town of Almon (Enumeration District 40)      [ Top ]

Name Rank Co Name of
Date of
Date of
Disability Incurred/Remarks
George W. Knapp
Sol US
Private F 46th Regiment Feb 25 1865 Sep 27 1865 Rupture
Fayett Patterson
Sol US
Corporal E 58th Penn Dec 10 1861 Feb 1 1865 Bronchitis Since the War
Edwin Lane Private C 21st Regiment Aug 14 1862 Apr 8 1863 Discharged for chronic
Diaree(sic) Injury on his
back by a shell
Moses Johnson Private A 31st Mass Nov 29 1861 Apr 11 1863 General Disability
James C. Wills Private D 12th Wis Inf Sep 17, 1861 Jul 16 1865 Disease of the Eyes
Peter Provoncha Private A 1st Wis Inf Aug 1861 Jun 23 1862 Chronic Disabilities
Cornelius Slater Private
5th NY Vet Vol Mar 23 1865 Aug 27 1865 Yellow Fever
Wm B. Chase Corporal B 8th Minn Vol Aug 9 1862 May 23 1865 Pleurisy
Peter Lawler Private B 137th NY Vol Aug 1862 1865 Piles
Wm Craben

B. H. Longely Private A 2nd Ohio Vol Jun 22 1862
Two wounds rec'd
Adeline E. widow
of John B Lafave
Private I 3rd Wis Cav Aug 20 1861 Apr 20 1863 Not returned ("Killed in"
scratched out)
Benjamin Munsil
8th NY Battery Dec 24 1863 Jul 5 1865 Fever and ague
Perry Albee Private B 37th Wis Mar 1864 Dec 1865 Rupture, Typhoid Fever
William Calhoon Private A 48th Wis Vol Feb 10 1865 Dec 13 1865 Kidney Complaint
John Long Private B 52nd Wis Vol Mar 4 1865 Jul 28 1865 ...?...
John M Olson

Tom S. Johnson

Halver S. Johnson

Otto H. O. Berg

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