Civil War Veterans
Associated with Shawano County, Wisconsin

Various sources are being explored to compile information on persons who served in the Union Forces during the Civil War and were either residents of Shawano County when they entered military service or lived in Shawano County after the war.  A major source is the 1890 Federal Census Special Schedule.  This is a special census of Union veterans and widows of veterans taken in 1890 in conjunction with the the eleventh census of the United States.  Other sources are regimental histories, muster rolls, service records and compiled rosters.

Every effort was made to insure the accuracy of the transcribed information, however due to the dim microfilm and microfiche in some areas and difficulty in deciphering the handwriting in others, errors may have been made.  It is advised that you check the microform or printed source to confirm the information of any veteran of interest.

Caution: Because a veteran was living in Shawano County at the time a list was compiled after the war does no necessarily mean he entered the military from Shawano County.  Further research must be taken to establish a veterans residence at the time of his entrance into military service.  (Note: Individuals with  names in red on the various lists were living in Shawano County prior to the Civil War at the time of the 1860 U.S. Census)

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