Lemon & Olive Chicken - Moroccan style

This is a recipe e-mailed to me by Nancy. Thanks, Nancy!

"I have a favorite recipe I got from my Moroccan mother-in-law. (I call this Moroccan style because the average American household does not have a typical Moroccan cookware pot called the Tajine and so I had to adapt the recipe.)"

Dice onions and sauté until soft and glistening. Wash then cut lemons in half and then cut halves into wedges. Wash and de-fat chicken and put into pot. Add sautéed onions, lemon wedges, unwashed olives (in another words still very salty), turmeric, and cover with water by approx. one inch. Stir to dissolve spice. Bring to boil, skim debris, and lower heat to a medium simmer and simmer until chicken is completely cooked but not falling off the bones. Remove from sauce and place in oven pan in the oven on a medium heat to brown slightly. Bring sauce to a rolling boil and reduce the sauce to one third. During the last 20 minutes, add diced potatoes or egg noodles and cook in the sauce if desired. Taste for readiness (the lemon should be very soft and the skin now edible) and correct salt level with the reserved brine. Return chicken to sauce to refresh. Then plate in the serving bowl, nap with the reduced sauce and all the goodies (onion, olives, lemon, potatoes/noodles) and serve.

Note: can be served in a number of ways: With boiled potatoes, french fried potatoes, various types of rice (the short grained white rice is more common), steamed and buttered CousCous, or egg noodles.

Note: Turmeric is the spice that gives Mustard sauces the stain ability. This dish should not be served on your best linens. They may not be best anymore.

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