Carolyn's Graduation

After The Ceremony at Salem International University
Carolyn with diploma

Carolyn,with diploma. Beth to left, Eowyn to right, then Rebekah

Carolyn. Young man to right is off to teach English in China this summer.

Beth with Carolyn's boy friend Shingo





At the Resturant after Graduation

End of table to Osa. Boyfriend of blond. Blond is Carolyn's roommate this summer. Next is roommate father and mother, then Osa

Carolyn and her boyfriend Shingo

Rebekah, Eowyn, student that is going to China, and you can just see Carolyn

Nate, Rebekah and Eowyn

Beth's dad at picture, Nate beside Osa, Beth's mom beside Nate, Beth beside Rebekah,

Another view of table

Mother's Day Celebration Outing to Hong Kong Buffet in Clements, Md.

At the door.

Ken, Eowyn and Beth

Osa and Nate

In Maryland

Ken, Eowyn and Osa

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