My Friend is Gone

I write to help the hurt.
I write to understand.

Neither happens.

Was it something I did?
Was it something I didn't do?
Could I have stopped his departure?
I search the reaches of my intelligence but find no answer.

My Friend is gone.
Why did he go?

Did he have other things to do?
Was life not pleasant here?
Maybe one action or non-action on my part
would have changed things,
and he could have stayed with me - - - at least for awhile.

Why did he go?

Will we meet again someday, sometime?
I can only believe that is true,
or the hurt would be to much to bear.
I loved my friend.
I love my friend so deeply, so completely.
Did he, in return, love me?
I think so. I think he did.
But he could not stay.
Destiny took us apart.
Destiny will put us together.
Ours is not to quetion why.
Ours is but to live, love and die.
But the most important of these is to love.

Dear friend, that I love, we will meet again!