From Journal of Accountancy, August 1997
  • American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC) Useful "Resources" section
  • Internet Law Library House of Representatives Internet Law Library
  • Social Security Privatization A Private look at SSN
  • Tax Analysts Dicussion group; Tax history, clinic, news calendar, quatations.
  • Indiana University school of law World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law-Taxation
  • University Law Review Project Full Text Search of Law Journals on the Internet
  • Faris Law Site Map Full text search; Surpreme Court Decisions since 1937.
  • Law and Estate Planning Sites A California Attorney
  • Doerberg's Tax Law Site
  • Estate Planing
  • Tax & Accounting Sites
  • Tax & Estate Planning Resources
  • Tax Court Rules, Practice & Precedure
  • Tax Related Primary Sources
  • Tax Resources
  • Estate Planning Web Sites
  • The Tax Prophet
  • Texas Christian Tax Law and Practics
  • Pillsbury, Madison & sutro LLP Tax Page
  • Tax News & Views
  • Tax Web: Federal & State Fax Forms
    Additional Accounting sites.

    The following sites are listed in January 1997 The Practical Account, "CPE Reaching the Internet", Pages 45 to 49. These sites should have listings of CPE that can be obtained from the Internet

  • More sites will be added later.

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