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OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions via Gopher
I have not read over this FAQ, if anyone knows of a better one, let me know at mikedoug@texas.net

OS/2 ftp Sites

Welcome to Michael Douglass' OS/2 ftp site listing!

Please bear in mind as you attempt to use some of these sites that you will NOT be able to access them all the time; the administrators of many sites LIMIT the number of anonymous users allowd on at any one time.

ftp-os2.cdrom.com or use My! WWW Index of ftp.cdrom.com
The largest collection of OS/2 files (Location of the Walnut Creek Hobbes CD)
hobbes.nmsu.edu or use My! WWW Index of hobbes.nmsu.edu
Another "mirror" of ftp-os2.cdrom.com. Some consider this site a little more organized than ftp-os2.cdrom.com.
ftp.leo.org or use ftp.leo.org's WWW index of ftp.leo.org
Another large OS/2 Site (also dos/windows)
More OS/2 files. Also contains files for DOS, cryptography, & GNU. As stated above, I am working on indexing this one. It's harder though since the fools =) who run the site don't have a standard format throughout the entire file... Oh well...
IBM's Watson Laboratories ftp site contains releases relating to OS/2 as well as AIX and other IBM products.
Yet another site for OS/2 file. Also holds files for Macintosh, Doom and other related information.
Remote mirror of ftp-os2.cdrom.com. Mirrors several other major ftp sites as well.
A site for OS/2 based drivers
OS/2 based movies