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Technical Support Email Form

Please use the Technical Support Email Form, below, if you need assistance from our technical support representatives.

Answers to some more commonly asked questions can be found on this web site.

A lot of additional information can be found on our technical support site located at http://lonestar.texas.net/helpdesk. Here you can find setup instructions, internet software available for download, and useful tips from our support technicians.

If you need assistance uploading your home page to our web server, you can find a lot of useful information at http://lonestar.texas.net/www.

If you need assistance in a billing matter, please use our Billing Email Form.

If you are interested in commercial services please visit http://www.texas.net or just Send Us an Email

Our helpdesk representatives may also be contacted by direct email at helpdesk@texas.net.

Can you email my password to me?

If you forget your Texas.Net password, we ask that you please call our technical support number. We can only release your password to the person or persons listed as owner(s) of the account. Email is not a secure form of communication, so we recommend that you do not send passwords or credit card numbers by email.

I just changed my password. Why doesn't it work?

Each type of server at Texas.Net 'synchronizes' at certain fixed times. The authentication servers synch three times each hour, so you should be able to log on with the new password within 20 minutes. The mail and web servers sync once per hour, so it may take as much at an hour before the new password can be used to check email or upload files to your web space.

I tried to use my Texas.Net account to send email from my connection at the office. Why doesn't it work?

Texas.Net dialup users do not need their password to access the outgoing mail server. Access is limited to those dialed into the texas.net domain. If we would allow access from outside the texas.net domain, spammers would have access to send their bulk spam across the internet, using our servers. Texas.Net would never consider giving spammers this ability, at the expense of the fast performance our customers enjoy.

Someone tried to send me email, but got a message that it was blocked. Why?

If Texas.Net determines that an internet domain exists only for the purpose of sending spam, we will block all traffic coming from that domain. Texas.Net also uses a service that identifies mail servers vulnerable to exploitation by spammers, as explained above. Texas.Net will block incoming mail from these mail servers until the problem is corrected.

I have a X2 and a KFlex modem and neither one will connect. What is the problem?

X2 and KFlex were early "beta" versions of 56K modem protocols. With the absence of a standard, X2 and KFlex were completely different, and not able to connect to each other and exchange data. Eventually, a standard was agreed on by 56K modem manufacturers, called the v.90 standard, which was later updated to the v.92 standard. Texas.Net has upgraded all of our 56K dialup ports to the latest version of the v.92 protocol available.

To get the best connection possible to Texas.Net, we recommend that you obtain the latest v.92 or v.90 upgrade available from your modem manufacturer. We have listed updates for some common modem models on our Modem Upgrades page.

Do you have a 1-800 number for dialup?

The cost of 1-800 toll free service is about 20 to 25 cents per minute. If Texas.Net would offer this service, the cost would be passed on to those who use the service. Since regular long distance and calling cards offer long distance service at just 5 to 10 cents per minute, Texas.Net believes that it would be more economical for our customers to handle long distance charges themselves, if they need to access our service from outside our local dialup areas.

How do I create and upload my web page?

If you are just getting started, you will probably want to use an HTML Editor program. Most of these programs are commercial software, but many software companies offer demo or trial versions. We have listed some of these programs on our Software Page, and several shareware programs are available on the Tucows Software Archive.

Most web publishing programs have features for transferring the completed web page to your web space. Our experience, however, is that some of these uploading features can be problematic. We recommend that you use an FTP program to transfer your pages to our web server. More information can be found in the WWW Section of our website.

How do I add a counter to my web page?
Can I add an email form to my web space?

Texas.Net has scripts available to our customers that will allow you to add both a counter and an email form to your website. Both of these options allow you to customize the features you want. Full instructions for adding a counter and for adding an email form are available on this website.

Can I use MS Frontpage to create my web page?

You may use the popular Microsoft Frontpage software to create your Texas.Net home page. The program uses a feature called "extensions" that can add functionality to the page, however, these extensions require us to install software on our web servers that present potential security risks for our servers. The Frontpage software will work fine for you, as long as you do not use the "extensions" feature. We also recommend using a separate FTP program to upload the page.

Our commercial users who have our Gold and Platinum Virtual Web services may add an option for Frontpage extension support on those services.

If we haven't answered your question, please submit the Technical Support Email Form.

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Problem Description
Enter a complete description of your problem below including full text of any error messages you have received and changes you have made to your system involving this error. Exact error messages and descriptions will help us to offer a faster and more precise response.
Please make certain that you have a valid e-mail address listed above or we will be unable to respond to your request

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