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Front Page Extension now Supported
with Gold and Platinum Virtual Web Servers

Microsoft Frontpage is a powerful new HTML editor for Windows 95 and NT. Among the many features is the ability to automatically update and maintain your personal web page from within Frontpage. In order to make this work, Microsoft Frontpage requires the server (us) to run some form of Microsoft's Frontpage Extensions. These extensions to our existing Unix-based web server would allow you to make changes to your web pages very easily and quickly.

Texas.Net now supports Front Page Extensions with our Gold and Platinum Virtual Web Server Accounts for an additional $100 set up fee.

Unfortunately, extensive testing of the Frontpage Extensions has shown a number of potential security vulnerabilities that could, in theory, be used to alter other web pages besides your own. With the right knowledge in the wrong hands, a malicious abuser could make changes to your (and even our) web pages through the very same means that would make updating your own page so easy and painless.

Because of this, Texas.Net does not currently support Microsoft Frontpage Extensions on our Lonestart accounts, Bronze and Silver web servers. We are considering adding Frontpage support to these accounts in the future, as recent improvements to the product have made it much more secure and reliable than past versions.


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