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Windows NT 3.51 Setup

These instructions will serve to configure Windows NT's Remote Access Server capabilities. These instructions are provided as-is by Texas.Net and are not supported by the technical support department.

  1. In the Network Control Panel, click on Add Software.
  2. Add TCP/IP.
  3. Add Remote Access Software.
  4. Close down the Network Control Panel and then restart Windows NT.
  5. When Windows NT restarts, go to the Remote Access group.
  6. Double-click on Remote Access and then click on the Add button.
  7. Enter the name of the connection as TexasNet and the phone number which you need to dial. This number should be on your confirmation packet.
  8. Click on Advanced if it is not already selected.
  9. Click on the Network button. This should open up the Network Protocal Settings dialog.
  10. Check the PPP option.
  11. Click on TCP/IP Settings.
  12. Check Use server assigned IP addresses unless you are sure that you have a static IP address. If you have a static IP address and know what it is, click on Require specific IP address and fill in your static IP address.
  13. Click on Require Specific Name Server Addresses
    • If you are calling from San Antonio use:
      primary DNS ( and the secondary DNS (
    • If you are calling from some other city use:
      primary DNS ( and the secondary DNS (
  14. Click OK when finished and you should be ready to connect to Texas.Net with your Windows NT machine.
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