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Windows 3.x Software Installation

The Texas.Net install disk comes with everything you need to get connected to the Internet. Included is a dialer, mail reader, and a download package, as well as a program that takes your information and configures each program with it.

Installing the Software

  1. Insert the Texas.Net for Win 3.x disk into the A drive. In Windows, go to your Main program group and open up File Manager. Click on the A drive icon on the toolbar and then double-click on the Setup.exe icon. The Texas.Net Installer will run.
  2. The Installer will prompt you to install the files in the C:\TEXASNET directory. For most people, this is okay, but if you would like to install it somewhere else, just type in the path name. Click the Install button when you are ready to continue.
  3. Follow the installation procedure. When it prompts you to insert Disk 2, do so. When it asks if it is okay to create a Program Group, choose OK This will put all your Texas.Net software together. Read and/or print the Readme file for future reference.
  4. When the installation is complete, it will prompt you to restart the computer. Click OK to restart the computer and complete the installation.
Title Description
SetInfo configures all your programs with the information you enter
TCPMan (Trumpet Winsock) dials Texas.Net and creates the Internet connection
Updates retrieves Netscape Navigator for you
Eudora sends and receives your e-mail
WinVN reads and posts messages to USENet newsgroups
mIRC allows you to participate in IRC, the Internet's global chat lines
WS-FTP sends and receives files, including your home page documents

Continue on to find out the particulars of entering your account information so SetInfo can configure your programs for you.

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