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Texas.Net Helpdesk - Windows 3.x

Texas.Net has been providing support for Windows 3.x since the days of the original Mosaic web browser. As the web has changed, Texas.Net's Windows support has changed with it. Older customers may have a fully automated setup program (SetInfo) that gives you control of all your Internet settings from one simple interface. The software we provide is free of charge and represents some of the most popular shareware, including Trumpet Winsock, Eudora, and mIRC. While Windows 3.x is not Internet-friendly, Texas.Net makes it as easy as installing a program.

Note: These instructions only apply to older customers with our SetInfo software. New customers should contact our offices for our new MSIE installation package on CD-ROM.

Software Installation
Familiarize yourself with the setup instructions for our Windows 3.x software, as well as get a description of the software that came with our package.

Entering your information
Check out our updated procedures for entering information into our setup program. Review the options to make sure that your information is all there and entered correctly. If we have updated our software, these instructions will provide you with a printable copy for your future reference.

Changing Your Dial-Up Number
These instructions will assist you in changing your dial-up number under Trumpet Winsock. For the most recent phone numbers for all types of modems, please visit our Contact Info.

Downloading Netscape Navigator
Texas.Net makes it easy to get the latest version of Netscape Navigator. Netscape is the best browser for Windows 3.x systems in terms of reliability and memory usage. Get a copy of our instructions or follow our links to download straight from the 'Web.

Additional Windows 3.x software can be downloaded from T.U.C.O.W.S. or Shareware.Com. If you need additional help with your Texas.Net Windows Software, feel free to drop our Technical Support Staff a line.

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